Slow Week and a Fast Year

There hasn’t been a whole lot going on this week. Not much in the blog world or the real world for that matter. I have successfully managed to avoid all retail stores, except for Walmart because we came home from vacation to a refrigerator that was in need of groceries. I wish I could stay away from that place, but for me, it is close to impossible!

The weather has been either cloudy or rainy, and almost everyday lately has been cold! This is the time of the year that I tell myself, yes, winter is cold and then I ask why have I been waiting for it? These cooler temps always seem nice when it is July and hot with plenty of humidity! Only a few months left of cold though – unless winter ends up being like last year, and takes a turn for the very mild, then I will be wishing that we had a real winter. I am never happy when it comes to the weather it would seem.

Looking back, this year was another great one. It went by too fast, but that is usually how all the years go. Aside from the boy, who has been growing like a weed, most everything else has stayed the same. However, this may have been the first year I noticed changes in myself and I am realizing that life is moving forward not only for the youngest in this house, but for us that are older as well. (Although, age is only a number, and I haven’t reached old yet!)

This year the boy became a successful hunter, and I only have two more Sunday’s left of fending for myself. I will start working on my list of all the things we haven’t done on a Sunday since October, my love.

We traveled twice this year and both trips were laid back and relaxing. Sometimes, change is good! I have a feeling that our passports may be about to expire so I think we need to start planning our next trip sooner than later. I will start working on that list as well. 😉

Looking ahead, I think we are in for another year to fly by. Hello, and soon, good-bye 2013! I want to get more creative with my slowly emerging cooking skills, and I hope to get more do-it-yourself projects going and completed. My sewing machine might have to become a permanent part of our furnishings so that I can get to that stack of projects I am wanting to do. Learning to knit is also somewhere in my to do list.

I have ideas to get something more going on this, here blog. Perhaps self-hosted? I am starting to look into it. I would like for this to become a bit more than just a hobby. We shall see how that goes. I have been messing around with themes, and I still cannot find any I really like. I think I am way too picky.

In the outfit department, I think the time in my life has come where I have decided color is good. I am going to be making more of an effort to phase out some of those dark old clothes from my closet, and maybe add another vintage dress, or two. My shoe challenge is almost done and I think outfit posts may take over for that.

I am also hoping to find the time to work more on my new found love of photography and photoshop. Probably there isn’t enough time in the days ahead, but that is nothing new. I am still looking forward to what the next year will bring.

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