It is Winter After All

Shoe Save 36

Boots, boots and more boots!  I don’t think I have too many, but I almost forgot about this pair.  I got these at the end of the season last year, wore them once, and then put them away into an empty shoe box and forgot all about them.  Oops!  I just recently remembered and got them out to get them worn and saved.

Now that they are safe, I think I will have to keep them out of the box so they don’t get forgotten, and since it is winter, they deserve to be worn more than just once.

If I remember right, these weren’t more than $10.00 from Target last spring; they are Mossimo brand.  Again, a size too big, but not not a problem with thick, wool socks.  Why didn’t I ever think of thick socks years ago?  I could have been wearing shoes I never thought possible!

I have only a couple of pairs left, and I may just overwhelm you all with a few more shoe save posts back to back, I really am anxious to get them over and done with.  Apologies in advance if I end up with more than my usual one pair a week on this blog.


|| Boots – Mossimo || Skirt – Forever 21 || Sweater – So ||

5 Replies to “It is Winter After All”

      1. They are fantastic…but I do understand how you can forget a pair of shoes sometimes. I probably have more than I need and can go a long time without wearing them…but don’t tell the Fashion Mister! 😀


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