Friday’s Post

Pajama Day

A Friday for me without a blog post doesn’t usually happen.  (Never mind the last two Friday’s that were post-less.  I am on top of things today though.)  It was a wonderful week!  The weather was closer to our normal November temperatures the last couple of days, and the sun even shined a day or two.  There was plenty to be happy for and I am going to tell you all a little about it.

Everything was back to normal this week.  That alone is enough to be happy about.  School was exactly how it should be.  No more doubled up work because my boy is completely caught up from our trip and his wrist injury.  All of our teachers were present and accounted for, and there were no unnecessary absences.  Plus it was my boy’s first day back to gymnastics after he hurt himself last month.  He had to hold back a little bit and it was to be expected, but we can now say that we are back to our regularly scheduled life.

Speaking of school, we had a pizza pajama party on Wednesday which made the day that much more fun.  Plus it saved some time getting ready in the morning.  No need picking out what to wear, and a few less outfits in the dirty clothes pile for this week.  Oh, yeah and there was pizza.  And cupcakes.  Both of which I very much enjoyed.  One less meal to make as well.  😉

Then there was the gym.  I love the gym, I really do.  I don’t always get in the workout that I would like – too tired, not enough time, things come up – but this week was not that kind of week.  Getting a little more weight training in would have made me happier, but two dance classes and a pretty good weight session was a good start for getting back into it from the sporadic three weeks before.

There is no way I can forget about my camera.  This was the week I got it and it is wonderful.  I want to take it with me everywhere I go.  It even came with an instructional DVD.  I never watch those things, but this might be one that I actually do watch.  There are so many buttons and settings on that thing.  It even takes video, like most cameras these days do, right?  Why, there is no need at all for a separate video camera anymore.  Ours is just taking up space at this point.

Lastly, on the unofficial Friday Five list that I have come up with for today, my beautiful new material that I got from Branson.  There were quilt shops galore in that place and we made it into one.  I wasn’t there so much for the quilts, although they were quite impressive, I was there to drool over all of the fabrics.  I came home with 8 yards of soon to be dresses, and the quality of this stuff is wonderful.  Even after washing it out, it looks great and that is even without a proper ironing.  Yesterday while at my local Walmart, I bought a couple of zippers and such so if time permits today, I will be getting started on something new.  I can’t wait!

New Material Happiness

There you have it, a small run down of the best parts of my week.  As my photo above shows, Yuki may have enjoyed the extra fleece material that was around the house on pajama day the most.  What was the highlight of your week?

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