Antique Store Browsing in Branson, Missouri

vintage market Branson MO

Hi, everyone!  It is Thursday and therefore time for me to tell you all about what it is that I am wearing that has been thrifted.  However, today, I am doing things a bit differently.  I am going back to our recent trip to Branson and writing about some of the vintage markets we browsed through.

vintage market 2

Vintage markets are something that I have to be in the mood for.  Even though they aren’t very hard to find, it is not everyday that I take a stroll through those Antique Malls.  To tell you the truth, when I do make my way into one, I really never find anything I just have to have.  In my experience, most items that I come across are either overpriced or not really antique/vintage.  One thing I noticed while we were in Branson was that there were plenty of stores fitting this description, and we just had to stop into a few of them.

vintage market hubcap

vintage market lanterns

vintage market locks

I would say the stores we visited had very similar items: lots of old stuff, plenty of handmade knick-knack crafts, and even a few real antiques.  Also, lots of replica sign art, tacky beer bottle creations, and useless decorations made out of wood.

Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.
Clearly, she needs to lay off of the coffee.
Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?
Grumpy Bichon nightlight, anyone?

What we came home with was not anything for me to wear, no new-to-me piece of jewelry, or even a beer can wind chime; but instead, a shiny new, made-to-look-old sign for my boy’s room.

vintage market car sign

Not that there weren’t things that I would have liked to have had, there were a few.  An old knitted cardigan caught my eye, and even a few wall decorations, but we have a small problem when we travel lately.  This small problem is a small car that can’t hold much more then what we left the house with.  And there was still more shopping to do…

Vintage market small car

Anyone else have luck finding treasures in Antique Malls?  Maybe one day I will find something fantastic, until then, I will keep thrifting, but probably mostly for clothes.

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