All Caught Up

TN state line photo

It sometimes takes me a little bit of time to get into the swing of everyday life after a week away.  This is especially true when there are two weeks worth of school work to do in addition to everything else that goes on in my everyday life.  I am happy to say as of this weekend, I am all caught up, and my blogging life can resume.

Last week was all about school books and school work.  There was also lots of laundry, but that never goes away and as I write this now, I am still in the middle of it.  Not a lot of excitement unless you would consider two dance aerobics classes exciting.  I actually do find things like that a lot of fun, so I guess you could say that was my bit of excitement for last week.

This weekend was great.  Of course besides the cold weather and the all day rain on Sunday.  We got to see everyone we missed from being away the last week, and on Sunday spent some time at the cabin bottling wine.  Well, this is what I did.  My guy and the boy were out in the rain moving deer stands and finding their next hunting locale.  After all of this was done, it was off to Jackson for a very late lunch or early dinner, and a little bit of shopping.  Nothing for me this time – I am making my own clothes lately – but both of the guys in my life were in serious need of some jeans.  I am very happy to say we found exactly what we were looking for and even a couple of extras.  My luck with shopping for them recently has not been good at all.

Now, it is time that I get ready for the week ahead.  I have big plans for this one.  Of course there is always school, but this is the week I am starting with a different gym routine.  I have been trying to get into more serious weight training, but with all that has been going on around here it has been hard to be consistent with my schedule.  I don’t have anything holding me back now, everything is caught up and it is time to start seriously working on some personal goals.  I see plenty of changes coming with that part of my life and I am really looking forward to it.

Also, I got that new camera I have been waiting for and it should be arriving at my doorstep any day now.  This will take a little time to learn, but there is always automatic mode until I get it figured out.  I am very, very excited about this!  I will probably even start taking that photo a day of my boy that I have been wanting to do.  Enough time has passed since I told him I wanted to do it, and he says he is up for it.  Oh, the photos I will get to take!  (Not that I haven’t been taking more than enough without a super-duper camera.)

Okay, that is enough from me for now.  I could probably go on and on, and on and on, but I will end it here.  Until next time…  I’ve got plenty of posts to come.

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