The Second Biennial Branson Trip

Table Rock Lake

When your parents have a time share in Branson, MO and nobody is planning on using it, one might as well take advantage of the available room for the week, right?  Well that is exactly what we did.  We spent another week at the ‘home away from home’ and it was just as enjoyable as the week we were there two years ago.

There is plenty to do in Branson, Missouri; even if you are under the age of retirement.  We may have been some of the youngest visitors of the week, but that was fine with us.  There are plenty of shows and attractions that people of every age can enjoy, and there is an advantage to being young in this city – NO lines for the rides at the amusement park, and NOBODY waiting to do Extreme Go-Karting.  Plus, the shopping centers are pretty quiet after dinnertime and the main strip isn’t too busy after 6 o’clock.  Now, going to the Cracker Barrel for Sunday morning breakfast is a different story, but we were on vacation so we had the time wait.

Extreme Go-Karts

Extreme Go-Karts 2

I know that this city is probably seeing a different crowd of visitors during the summer, which would make sense.  School is out and it is a great place to take the family.  The Go Kart operator told us it is crazy busy during that time of the year.  And there are even plenty of outdoor activities that I am sure get more attention when the weather is nicer.  For us, we were happy to get away, and it was nice not being stuck in any lines or traffic for a whole week.

Scenic Railway

Scenic Railroad 2

We didn’t see any shows.  We did, however, make a few Imax/movie trips which is not something we get to do all of time – our nearest Imax theater being about an hour and a half away.  We went to the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not Museum.  Places like that are always fun!  We spent an afternoon on a scenic train, and got to ride roller coasters – one of which, the Outlaw Run, being the second fastest wooden roller coaster in the world, and the second steepest.  It also happens to be the first wooden roller coaster with a double barrel roll.  I don’t remember much, my eyes were closed the whole time, but my guy still insists the front of the roller coaster is the place to be.

Silver Dollar City

Silver Dollar City coaster

There was also a pretty neat cave tour we took right when we got to Silver Dollar City.  We walked right passed it last time and I am really glad we stopped to see what it was about.  It was an hour walking tour, over 700 stairs and going down over 500 feet.  It was awesome, and the highlight of my afternoon at the amusement park.

Family feet

Branson Overlook

No doubt we had a wonderful time.  The week was a nice relaxing one, and we can’t help but wonder now, where will we be going next…

My guy likes to make little videos from the photos and clips of our trips and he made one for this week.  Here is a link should you want to see more of our Branson Vacation.  Thanks for reading.

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