Layer it on Me

I love fall!  Although, I much prefer slowly easing into winter, which hasn’t been the case this year, but still it is fall and I am happy about that.  Fall means cooler weather, much less bothersome humidity, and layers.  You guessed it, I am talking about clothes today, folks.  Specifically, my fall layering essentials.

I was recently contacted by a ModCloth stylist and asked about my autumn layered style.  This is a topic I happen to know something about because this time of the year is all about layering for me.  I wear summer dresses year round and making my outfits weather appropriate is something I am very familiar with.

I am sure if I lived somewhere other than West Tennessee, my cooler weather apparel would include puffer jackets, wooly boots, and hats.  But since I do live where I do, and we have very mild fall weather, my layering is easy and doesn’t add much bulk.  I do love fall in Tennessee!

My Autumn Layered Style



My essentials are these:  a form fitting under shirt or tank-top, a pair of thick tights, and a nice looking cardigan.  Oh, and one added little extra, a pair of socks over, or even under, my tights depending on my shoe choice, because my feet are always cold and most boots are too big for me.  Add a fabulous looking dress, a nice pair of boots, and an awesome necklace, I’m all set.

I like a fancier look to my everyday wear, but still casual enough for hanging around the house or running to Walmart.  Plus fit is super important to me because I am not into the baggy style.  You know what?  Even layers that aren’t oversized do a great job of keeping one warm!

How about you, what is your number one layering essential?  Are you a fan of cardigans as much as I am?  When I think of ModCloth the first thing that usually comes to mind is all of their dresses, but what I did find out after making this style board is that they have quite a nice collection of cardigans.   Anyone interested should check them out here – especially if you are a sweater fan like me.

A big thank you to ModCloth for inviting me to participate in this little styling challenge.  I love everything I see on that site, and browsing their virtual closet made for a fun evening of ‘window’ shopping.

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