Pinterest, Photoshop, and Baby Goats

a happy goat

I finally got a Pinterest account, everyone.  I must be the last semi-fashionable blogger to have one, I know.  Everyone is on Pinterest aren’t they?  Wait, I take that back, I know of a few who are not and probably never will be.  Okay, so I may have been the last of my girlfriends (those with internet anyway) to have one, and I spend more time looking at what my friends have pinned than finding things for myself, but it is a start.  If you are a pinner and want another person to follow, you can find me here.

One thing I have been pinning though, is stuff pertaining to Photoshop.  It has been awhile since I have come across any new actions that I like, and right away I started finding so many while browsing photography pins.  I am happy to say I have learned a lot about Photoshop in these last few years of blogging, and a lot of the time I am able to edit my photos on my own without the help of any actions – another one of my computer accomplishments that I am so happy about.  Since Photoshop has been on my mind lately, I have been playing around with some photo editing and thought I’d use some of my photos for today’s post.

stormy pasture

Yesterday was one of those warm 70 + degree days in winter, with plenty of humidity and wind.  You know, those days that are perfect for severe weather because of the cold front that was traveling behind the warmth.

So it was windy and there was a storm a coming.  I made it out to the family property before this storm showed up, and when I got there I had totally forgotten about the two new baby goats that were born last week.  A perfect reason for taking pictures, I thought.  There were also new bunnies, but they were snugly tucked under the hay so I couldn’t get any good pictures of them.  But the goats, they are always happy to have their picture taken.  Mostly because they really just want to eat what is in your hands, but I got a few photos and my camera made it out of the pen with no teeth marks.

baby goat

baby goat

Baby goats are so cute and playful.  They remind me of puppies running, jumping and playing.  I wonder if Yuki the dog would like them?  Probably not.  I bet she would get scared and try to hide.  She doesn’t even like the cousin pup and he is tiny compared to a baby goat.

Well, that’s all from me for today.  I am off to the city to try and find some material so that I can finish February’s dress.  This is the last weekend of the month you know, and I only have half of a dress done.

Have a good weekend, readers!

8 Replies to “Pinterest, Photoshop, and Baby Goats”

  1. Hi.I found you through the link up. You are a pretty lady. Love the name of your blog. Did you make this pretty Dress? I love Polka Dots. This one mixes patterns too – even better. And baby goats are THE CUTEST!!

    I welcome you to stop by my blog now and I hope you like it enough and we follow each other. Have a Great Weekend, Ada. =)


  2. I looove baby goats! I’m not huge on human babies, so these are my favorite kind of “kids.” 😉 I’m not a fashion blogger (or even semi-fashionable, for that matter), but if it makes you feel any better, I still haven’t gotten into Pinterest… at least you’re ahead of me!


    1. How can anyone NOT love baby goats!
      I had this feeling that Pinterest would be a major time waster, (at least that is what I had heard) and I suppose it can be, but I am a very limited user. I have also figured out that it is not just for the fashionable, which I may or may not be… 🙂


      1. Pleease, you totally fall into the fashionable camp! I’m currently in blue scrubs and red & green Christmas socks (yeah… in February), if that helps you to admit you’re fashionable! 😉


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