February’s Dress

Retro style polka dot dress

Retro style dress

Also known as the Polka-dotted, Polka Dot dress – well, that is what I am calling it anyway.  (Be warned, I probably went a bit overboard with the dress photos today.)


Butterick 5748

This was my first mix and match kind of dress.  I started it without really having any plan.  I wanted to make another one of these: but without a lining.  I had some remnants of this black and white stuff that I used for the top in my material stash, and I thought I could use it for a trial run.  It would be no biggie if it didn’t work out.  It worked out, quite well actually, and so I had to do something with the top of this dress to be, but I didn’t have enough material to make the full skirt that the pattern needed.

I contemplated making my own bottom for it with what was left, but it was gonna involve a possible slit in the side because what I did have was only two rectangles that would not leave much room for leg movement if it was to be a skirt.  I don’t have the experience to make a nice looking fitted skirt with a slit, yet.  Instead, the bodice hung in the busiest room of the house for weeks just to remind me that I needed to find some fabric to go with it.

Butterick 5748 bodice front

bodice front

Butterick 5748 bodice back

bodice back

Then came a coupon in the mail from Joanne’s and a few days without my better half, thus leaving plenty of time for material shopping.  I found some white polka dotted fabric, and I hoped it would make a great skirt for the dress.  I think it did.

I love this dress!  I love the way the design of the two fabrics ended up together, and I love the fullness.  Plus, it has become one of the easiest dresses that I have made.  I have been taking my time with my dress making lately, and it has been well worth it.  I started noticing that when I get in the sewing mindset of I’ve got to finish this today, I end up with the most mistakes and far too many duh moments from being in such a rush.  There is no rush, and I have finally gotten okay with the thought of not having it done in one day.

Butterick 5748

can there be too many polka dots?

my mid-seam at the zipper even lined up

my mid-seam at the zipper even lined up

So the bodice is super easy (without making a lining as well), and inserting the zipper was a breeze.  Lining up the bodice and the skirt was the most nearly perfect for me yet, but the thing that took the most time, and made me start to think I would never get it done… hemming the skirt!  Just the hem  alone may have taken as long as sewing the bodice.  There was about 5 yards worth of hem, and I decided to go with bias tape this time.  I found it hard to get a good hem the first time I made the dress last July, so I thought I would try something different this time around.  Even despite the time, I am happy with the final look.

Butterick retro dress

a full skirt makes every dress better

All I need now is a petticoat, which is something this dress is just screaming out for.  I may finally have a reason to buy one.

Twirling full dress

What do you think?

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