Happy to be Home

happy to be home

It has been a whole month of weekly day trips for me, and this last Monday was my last one.  That one day a week traveling has thrown my days off, and I absolutely enjoyed all day yesterday at home.  With the exception of a couple late afternoon errands today, I will enjoy the most of this Friday as a homebody as well.  It is nice staying home!

I woke up this morning with a strained hip flexor.  I must have danced too hard in that aerobic dance class that I took last night.  I am in a fair amount of pain, and moving my right leg is not happening very easily today.  In fact it’s not just my leg, I have decided to step up my work out routine and have been doing some heavier than normal lifting this week.  My WHOLE body is feeling it.  I have been reading up on this and it is true, no pain no gain.  I am going for gain, so muscle pain is probably gonna be a regular thing for me.  It’s okay though.  It just makes me feel like there is progress.  I’m only gonna complain about my leg today.  OUCH!

Enough of my aches and pains, there were other things about this week not involving the gym.  The biggest highlight is the shiny new iphone that is on its way to my front door.  As much as I thought I didn’t want a new one, I am happy to be getting one.  This was mostly my guy’s idea.  He got one a couple of weeks ago and must have thought my old iphone 4 looked pretty pathetic sitting next to his latest and greatest Apple product.  He spent the time on the phone dealing with the wireless company, and even filled out the trade in form for me.  This is most always my designated task, dealing with customer service calls and filling out online forms.  He really loves me, my guy does!  🙂

What else worth mentioning?  I guess I could talk about the photography challenge I have now decided to do.  I mean I will probably use it as a blog topic at one point in the next thirty days.  My niece started it and a couple of other friends have jumped to the challenge.  It’s one of those thirty day photo challenges that is floating around the social network scene.  There is a list and each day you take a picture to fulfill the daily requirement.  I’m on day three, clouds, and since it has pretty much been raining since I got up, I don’t know how good of a photo opportunity I will have.  I did wake up with the thought of clouds in my mind – in addition to that awful leg pain – and as I took Yuki out, I snapped a picture of the morning sky just before the rain came.  I do have something to work with if nothing better comes along.  Good thing Instagram has all those adjustment tools, even a really bad picture has a chance at being something better than it started as.  My case and point, day one, Self Portrait:


Remember, these are phone photos so they aren’t that good to begin with.  With a little adjustments though, my red, fuzy face is no longer red and now only fuzzy, but in an intentional artistically looking way.

Speaking of Instagram, I should probably be moving on to other things.  My wonderful foodie friend occasionally posts recipes in her feed, and there is some delicious chicken that I am going to be making for dinner.  I need to go make sure I have all the ingredients because I would hate to add Wal-Mart to my list of places to go this afternoon.  Although, if my hip doesn’t get too moving more freely, I may not be going anywhere.  Maybe some ice packs will help…

Have a great weekend everyone!  And in case anyone wants to follow this thirty day photo challenge, my Instagram name is DMGIRL.

Thanks for reading.


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