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No, I didn’t forget about that little go-box I bought last month, I have been using it.  I just needed a little bit of time to go by in order to form an opinion about the stuff.  And today is the day, you all get to read my thoughts on that little assortment of Juice Beauty products that I have been using for the last month or so.

If you remember, I unexpectedly made my way into Ulta looking for some beauty products by the brand Juice Beauty.  I found just what I was looking for and then some.  Their Organics To-Go box was a great starting point for me since I couldn’t decide which one item I wanted to get.  Here’s the run down, all one thousand plus words.

Juice Beauty Cleansing Milk

First off, the Cleansing Milk.  I like cleaners that foam up some when I use them; helps me to know it is really doing something.  This did not.  You apply it to a cloth (a nice little one came with the kit) and gently rub it into your skin.  I hoped it was in fact working, since it seemed more like I was applying lotion with a washcloth rather than cleaning my face.  I want to say it worked because the lightly colored cloth looked a little dingy once I got done, but it didn’t feel like my face was as clean as it is when I use my regular castile soap.

Final thoughts on this one: It had a pleasant smell and I liked the way it made my skin feel; however, I don’t think I will be buying this in the regular sized container once I get done using the one that I have.  I like my castile soap more.

Juice Beauty Hydrating Mist

Next is the Hydrating Mist.  You use this after the Cleansing Milk and it is a toning spray.  I have used a toning spray once before and it took me a while to get to where I liked using it.  I never get the spray on my face where I want it to be.  Usually it’s closer to my ears and mostly on my nose.  That’s how it was with this one as well.  I like the way it smelled though, and if made my face feel fresh.  It even says you can use as a skin refreshing mist throughout the day.  When it was hot out, it was a nice little pick me up.

Final thoughts on this one: It grew on me.  I wasn’t crazy about it at first, but I ended up liking to use it more as the days went by.  It was just as it claimed, a nice facial refreshment.  I don’t know if I like it enough to replace it when I run out though.  At this time, I could go either way.

Juice Beauty Antioxidant Serum

Then there was the Antioxidant Serum.  This is the stuff I have some experience with; I am always trying something new from this category of facial products.  I liked it, a lot.  It rubbed in nicely, a little went a long way, and I really liked the way it made my skin feel.  You put this stuff on after you clean and before you moisturize.  It was thin and absorbed well and quickly making it easy for the final moisturizer to go on top of it.

Final thoughts on this one:  I liked that it had more of a liquid consistency compared to some other similar products that are usually a cream.  It makes it nice to use as an undercoat, if you will.  It did have a very oil-like smell, not as nice as the other items in the box.  But I will be buying this one again, for sure.

Juice Beauty Nutrient Moisturizer

Now for the Nutrient Moisturizer.  My main draw to beauty products is how free of chemicals they are.  The more natural the better.  I am very picky about lotions especially.  I have a whole assortment that I have tried and use.  This one was up there as far as quality, and I liked that about the whole line.  As far as a facial lotion, this was nice stuff.  I really felt like it was moisturizing and the feeling stayed with me long after I had put it on.  It rubs in very easily and you don’t have to use a lot, but it is thick.  You have to be quick when rubbing it in, a few circular motions later and it is not that easy to spread out anymore.  This could maybe cause you to use more than you need, but after a few times, I had it down and only used a little bit at a time on little amounts of skin at a time.

Final thoughts:  This most definitely will be on my to buy list when I run out.  I really like it for a face cream, and I liked the way I felt like my skin looked after using it.

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

Lastly, the Green Apple Peel.  I was a little nervous about this one because I do have sensitive skin and I have experienced that burning sensation and red face look after using some products similar to this.  Let me tell you, it isn’t a pleasant feeling, and red, on my face, is not my color.  I have also read up on my antioxidant peels, and know that they make your skin sensitive to sunlight afterwards, so I wanted to use it when I wasn’t planning on any outdoor activities the next couple of days.  I was expecting a sticky, film like feeling when I applied it, but it wasn’t like that at all.  It rubbed in very easily, spread out well, and didn’t burn at all.  You leave it on for about ten minutes and as it sat it got a little sticky, but my face didn’t feel like it was on fire and my color stayed the same.  It washed off wonderfully and I am not kidding when I say my face felt so smooth afterwards.  I even wanna say I was glowing.  🙂

Final thoughts:  I liked it a lot and this will also be on my to buy list.  You don’t need very much when you do use it and you are only supposed to use it 2 times a week, so this is one that will definitely last me awhile yet, even in the sample size.  Plus, I am planning on using it even less than recommended – probably one time a week rather than the two suggested.

Okay, now I am done.  I have said this before, I am not usually a beauty blogger and yet, this may have been one of my longest posts.  If you stuck it out this far, thanks for reading.  I hope I have left those of you interested in this topic something of some use.  I do like reading – and even writing – review posts, and have personally found some of them very helpful.

*Disclaimer:  I purchased these items with my own money and was in no way obligated to do a review.  No compensation is involved with this post; all opinions are my own and are completely honest. 

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