Normal Life Can Now Resume…

Oct cotton fields

Sometimes it is hard to get back into a regular routine after taking time off.  I am finding that was the case for me this week.  I got back into the swing of school with no problems at all, and I think the fact that it was a pretty easy week work wise helped with that one, but for everything else, I am starting to slowly come along.

It’s not like I wasn’t busy though, I most definitely was, but a lot of what I had to do was not at home.  There, that is it, not being home is what has messed up my week.  That and the fact that the days are over so quickly.  I didn’t even worry about what time it was last week in Florida, so this is the week that I had to adjust to the time change.  I don’t like it!  It might be a little bit easier to wake up in the morning, but I really dislike it being dark before my guy gets home from work.  And was it just me, or did the days just fly by this week?

Oct cotton field 2

So, today should be the day that I finally get the rest of the vacation laundry done, and today should be the day I finally get the rest of my house cleaned, hopefully…  I say hopefully because I will also be away from home for a few hours today as well.

I am giving myself until Sunday, then everything has to be back to normal.  I really am starting to miss my regular routine.  And these cotton field photos have nothing to do with anything really.  I took them at the end of last month and just think they look so cool, I wanted to post them.  A little ‘Photo Friday’ touch to today’s post of randomness.

Have a great weekend!  Anyone have anything exciting planned?