Winter White // The Thursday Thrift

Winter White

Winter White details

Winter White 5

I have just about managed a whole year of consistently blogging about some of my thrift store finds.  There were a few missed weeks, but for the most part I have stuck to it.  I never expected to be devoting a section of my blog to thrift style, and I never even realized how many things I actually owned that were from second hand sources.  I have plenty more to show you in the next year, and even some that aren’t skirts, if you can believe that.  I also have a few pairs of pants that have been thrifted, that I DO wear.  (I got a very nice blog comment last week, and I was asked if I ever wore pants, which I do, I just haven’t blogged about any of them.  I guess it is fine time I should.)  So, there will be a Thursday Thrift post about pants in the not too distant future, but for this month, I am talking dresses, it is Dressember after all!

Now for today’s dress, you wouldn’t actually consider it a thrift store find, I got it at Marshall’s about a month ago, but it was a definite bargain compared to regular price!  NOT having to pay full price is the main reason I thrift shop, and finding something at Marshall’s makes me save money, so it counts for today’s Thursday Thrift post.  I also added these Doc Marten shoes, thrifted from ebay, and this warm cardigan from the Goodwill to make my thrift inspired outfit complete.  I didn’t really need the cardigan or the tights since it was a warm 67* while I was out taking pictures, but, even though, this outfit was my choice for this season’s style of winter white – which is one of the current trends I would wear and all of this for less then the price of one brand new dress.

Winter White 4Dress – Monteau (Marshall’s) // Sweater – Emma James (thrifted) // Shoes – Doc Marten (ebay) // Skirt – Amy’s Closet (thrifted) // Necklace – made by me

(I do currently have an ever growing, new dress, wishlist on  With all of the money I have saved thrift shopping this year, I am long over due for a wardrobe splurge!)

How about you, do any of you thrifters shop at discount department stores like Marshall’s, or TJ Maxx?  Marshall’s is my favorite one! 

*Linking up with: Three-fer Thursday, Passion for Fashion, and Favorite Fashion Friday.

9 Replies to “Winter White // The Thursday Thrift”

  1. ModCloth is my favorite addiction. If you keep an eye out, you can snag some great deals! A few of my favorite dresses for “stylish surprises” I got for $15! 😉
    This look is fab! Thanks for linking up for Passion For Fashion!


    1. ASOS would be a great place to splurge as well, they have some great dresses – and good sale prices! I could even get a few dresses if I did that, or even ebay. Thanks! 😉


  2. I wish I had dresses to wear like you do – I always want to buy some but never wear them. And at this stage, it would be weird if I just started wearing dresses, no?

    Meanwhile, I never go to thrift stores for clothes but you’re making me think I should. I just don’t have the patience to dig around..


    1. If you are up for trying some dresses, you totally should! You can ease into the dress wearing! 🙂
      I don’t have a lot of patience to dig around thrift stores, really. In fact, I may be the fastest thrift store shopper of all time. I only go to the areas, and usually color schemes, of what I am interested in that day. I never hunt through everything. Actually, I am probably a really bad thrifter, lol! But I have scored some great finds.


    1. Thank you! I haven’t bought anything from Modcloth either, but I always find something that I love every time I get on their site. Ooh, I should find myself some discount boutique stores to shop; I am a fan of regular boutiques. 🙂


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