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The 36th Friday of 2017

What a week!  And what a wonderful week!  I’m feeling really good right now: it’s Friday, the weekend is before me, and my guy is trying to play the guitar to one of my current favorite songs in the background.  I have all the good mood feels going […]

The First Friday of 2017

Well, here we are again, another year starts and already week one is in the books.  I have kept you all in the loop somewhat of my week so far with the last couple of posts.  Since Tuesday, I have a nose that is finally feeling all better, […]

I Need a Little More Time…

Whoa, where has this week gone!?  I really wanted to have more posts up, but here it is already Friday and not a single one except for Monday’s post that was a make up for last Friday.  Well, the good news is school is almost over, just two […]

And That Was Spring Break…

Already, the week is gone.  Where this break of mine went, I don’t know.  I didn’t have time to do all that I wanted to, and I even still have some papers left to grade.  (I know what I will be doing this weekend… Who am I fooling?  […]

Friday, Already?

Another week gone and another Friday here.  Although, as I start writing this post up, it is late Thursday night – almost Friday, so close enough.  How was everyone’s week?  Mine was pretty nice.  I spent a lot of it at home, until Thursday that is.  I made […]

And the Days Don’t Stop…

It’s a cold, but sunny, Friday morning over here in West Tennessee.  How is the weather looking where you are, this fine day?  I am gonna say it is a fine day because the sun in shining and the beautiful blue sky is clearly visible.  I could do […]