I Can Walk Just Fine, Thank You

amaryllis 2

I am getting a slightly late start at my regular routine this morning.  Maybe it was the cloudy, cold morning that I woke up to, or maybe it was because of that ballet class that I took last night.  Perhaps it was a combination of the two, but I am dragging a bit today.  Walking fine, but dragging still.  I hadn’t taken a ballet class in about two years so I was a little concerned about how my legs would work by the time I woke up.  I was happy for the ability to easily throw them out over the covers when I jumped out of bed this morning.  (Some people roll out of bed, I jump.  Or at least I feel like I do.)  Movement would have been a bit different if the class was a regular one.  It was more of a stretching class, which was probably just what I needed before getting back into it all again.  After last night, I’m not too worried about my body being able to keep up with the class, it’s my mind.  Mentally remembering the combinations in a short period of time was what did me in.  There’s more thinking involved, and I seemed to have left that part of my mind at home.  This, I hope will get better.

I have been on the edge of getting a cold all week long, so I have been trying to take it easier than usual with my other work-outs and everyday activities.  My boy had this thing last week, Stephen this week, and almost everyone else I know has had it as well.  I’ve woken up with a different symptom each day since Tuesday, but still not all of them at once.  For the most part I am feeling pretty good, and I am really hoping this is all the bug does to me.  It’s been awhile since I’ve been really sick and both of my guys spent a whole day in bed with this thing – I don’t want it!

Not much else to report on.  I had my usual overload of grading and things pertaining to school.  Plus, there were those tedious, everyday chores that keep everyone busy.  I have more of both to do today, so I best be getting started.  I miss those Friday free days that happened before the boy hit middle school.  He’s almost a high schooler now, so they are long gone for sure.  At least sometimes Fridays are our easy days.  I have high hopes this one is today.

Until next time, enjoy your day, everyone.