Winter Layers

This time of the year really is hard to dress for.  We’ve recently gone from highs in the low 30’s to highs in the low 60’s.  Quite a difference, if you ask me, and choosing what to wear each day isn’t always an easy task.  This  is where layering comes into perfect play.

Winter Layers

And specifically, ModCloth layering.  What could be better?  Seriously, they have some of the best looking dresses, but this time as I was over browsing their site for this little feature, I thought to take a look at some of their more casual items.  I have a sweet spot for sweaters and cardigans also, and of course, they have some pretty noteworthy sweaters over on their site as well.

My winter casual, layered outfit consists of plaid pants, because they are one of my most favorite kinds of pants.  A simple black shirt that will work perfectly underneath layers of sweaters and such.  Then, a stylish looking cowl necked, zippered cardigan that adds just enough flair to make the rest of the outfit stand out.  Top this off with a thick, warm circle scarf, and I would be all set for the Tennessee winter morning that would no doubt turn into a nice mild day.  Layers can then come off as needed.

Oh, yes, I can’t forget about a pair of boots and the finishing bag to make the whole outfit complete.

Do you dress in layers?  What is your favorite layered item?  Cardigans are perfect in my opinion.  They can come off and go on as needed throughout the day, and they aren’t just for winter around here.  Summer time air conditioning makes carrying a sweater year round almost a must.

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