Happy Friday


I woke up ready to go back to bed for another hour or so, but as I was making coffee and getting lunch ready for my guy, I took a peak inside of my non-fermenting wine bucket.  What did I see…?  A nice foamy layer of white bubbles.  Finally, I have fermentation!  This was enough excitement to snap me out of my tired spell, and I am now ready to take on the day.  A little sleepy eyed and rough looking, but still, I am awake and quite happy.  I won’t get ahead of myself, however, because I know that this start could also just as easily fizzle out and quit.  But it is something and I am owing it all to that yeast energizer.  I received some yesterday and immediately mixed it into the must.  It did just what I was reading it would.  Now if only it will keep it up for 5-7 days.

The week was not too bad.  Besides my boy being sick for the first half of it, it was basically pretty good.  There was a shift in schedule because of his being sick, but here it is Friday and we aren’t too far off track.  I even found the time between school work, grading, and obsessively watching wine must to make a dress.


Not my typical size, but it will do for what it is.  I just have one thing left to do with it, but that won’t take long at all, I hope.  I just need to google how to make a thread loop and I will be all done.

It was a productive week, for sure.  I won’t stay long over here on the blog this morning though, I have grading, paper work, and laundry to start.  I am hoping for an easy school day because I would love to, for once, make it to the gym on a Friday.  The boy has a piano make up class later so we are working hard to get everything done early.  It may just happen…

That is about it from me.  How was your week?