Whining about Wine

wine bottle tops

With my recent overload of dressmaking posts, one might think this little blog of mine has moved over into the world of sewing machines and pin cushions, it has not.  It is still most definitely all about me and the things that I do, the places I go, what I wore, and even what I made.  (A nice little catch all slogan, don’t you think?)  So in the category of what I made that doesn’t involve dresses or clothing in any way, let me go on some today about making wine.

I say whining about wine because at this point, those in my house may see it as such.  For days now I have been going on an on about the reasons why my most recent batch of wine won’t get into an active fermentation.  “What could possibly be the problem?!”  seems to be a the question of the week around the house these days.  Then I proceed to talk it out amongst myself, endlessly trying to reassure myself that I have done everything right.  There has to be a reason for this… Then it is off to old Google, who seems to have something different to say on the subject every time I look it up.  It just so happens this may not be an entirely bad thing, googling about stuck/stalled fermentation, because I now know a whole lot more about things I didn’t even think I needed to know regarding making wine.  Did you know there is even an app?  Well, there is and I now have it.

So, I am waiting and waiting to see if solution number two does the trick.  Solution number two being to pitch more yeast into the must.  I don’t hear bubbles yet, but I see teeny, tiny, ones popping around just under the floating yeast.  If this doesn’t do the trick, I have something on its way that hopefully will.  All I can do at this point is just wait, and keep an eye and ear out for something.  A watched pot of water may not boil, but will a watched bucket of must bubble…?  That is the question.

In more exciting wine news, we have bottled, labeled, and shrink sealed the last two batches that were started in September.  Now they are off to the wine closet to age.

Wine Shrink Foil

Wine bottles

Wine labels

wine bottled

Looking at these reminds me that overall, things are going pretty well in regard to my wine making.  So everything is still all good.

Now, I’m off to examine those bubbles…

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