Friday’s Post, on a Monday

Good morning!  It is cloudy, rainy and cool this morning.  NOT cold like it has been so that is a very big plus.  I am not too crazy about the rain, but that is what it does here and I really should be happy that last week’s super cold weather had plenty of sunshine, or else it would have been a miserable week, weather wise.  So what is going on where you are?  I didn’t mean to miss my regular Friday post, where I typically give a run down of the week, but the day got away from me.  Early morning errands were enough to keep me away from the computer, and then an afternoon sewing project tied me up as well.  There was also dinner that had to be made… you know how it goes.  I was busy.


Last week, as cold as it was, was still a pretty nice one.  I didn’t leave the house much.  A couple of days I was away but for the most part staying inside keeping warm was ideal.  I have to admit I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked around here, but it was still a productive week off – a week of do-it-yourself.  I spent a good amount of time making things.

The Winter in Tennessee dress
The Winter in Tennessee dress

There was a dress, which I posted about yesterday.  A day early, I know, but that was because I screwed up and hit publish too soon so I had to finish what I was working on before my regular Me-Made-Monday.  Speaking of which, I have been on a roll with these dresses, and I have a feeling that roll is starting to slow down.  Since mid-November, I have had a good part of Sundays to myself and what better to do than add to my ever-expanding wardrobe.  I was sewing up a storm, and have six new dresses to show for it, but now that my guys will be around on Sundays, I am pretty sure my sewing time will be much more limited.  I am hoping now that our time will be spent out of the house, possibly in neighboring big cities, doing fun family things… hint, hint.  What I am saying is that my Me Made Monday posts will be a little less frequent.  I am still going to be making things, it’s just going to take a little longer to get them finished.

You want to know what else I made?  Wine.  This got started, and actually won’t be made for several months yet, but it is going, I think.  I am having a hard time being able to tell if my fermentation has started.  It has been almost three days since I have added the yeast and I can’t hear much bubbling going on.  Usually I hear this by now.  This time I am making it off of the skins, and even though I did this once before, the primary fermenter of that batch was not at my place while the bubbling was taking place.  I have read some troubleshooting tips and I think everything is going alright… I should know more later today when I take a look at the stuff.  The good news about this is that there are things to do to fix a stalled fermentation.  I’m learning everyday with this wine making hobby of mine.

I had a few other things that I worked on, but those are in the self-less sewing category so I won’t post about that just yet since it is a gift and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.  (Although, I am not entirely sure that the receiver even knows about this here blog, but I will still keep it on the down low just in case.)

I will probably have a little more time to do some things around the house today.  My boy spent some time with his cousins last week, one of which was sick, and now it is his turn to strengthen up his immune system some.  He woke up not feeling well and is still in bed.  I don’t think he will be up for much today so I can take care of those last few things I didn’t get done last week.  First on the list, clean out the wine closet.  I have a new wine rack that my dad gave me, and I have more than enough bottles to start filling it up.  They will look much better on it than they do hiding in cardboard boxes.


So how was your week?  Any exciting plans for this one?

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