Put Your Warm Boots On

winter boots

Warm boots, I have some now, and I never would have guessed they would be North Face brand.  Obviously, as the name implies, anyone would figure out that North Face items would be warm.  I have  a pair of fleece pants that are North Face and I love them.  What I didn’t expect was to find a stylish pair of lace up boots from the company.  Honestly, I’ve never looked at their shoes.

When I think of any kind of footwear that they would make, I instantly think hiking gear.  Hiking shoes, while very practical, never come across to me as fashionable.  And since I don’t hike often enough to own this type of shoe, I’ve never given the brand a thought.

Then one day, I was complaining – as I often seldom do – about how cold my feet are in winter.  Docs, as stylish as I think they are, just don’t keep my feet warm enough, and all the pairs I have aren’t big enough for me to wear with thick wool socks.  I had an idea.  I could by a new pair of boots, and look for some that are a size bigger than my usual impossible to find 5.  This would ensure I would actually find a pair that I might even like (I am picky about shoes), because I always find shoes in a a size six that I love, but they are always way too big for me.  With my thickest pair of wool socks a six would probably fit perfectly, and I wouldn’t have to worry any more about cold toes.  Problem solved.

So I searched for warm boots online, which when narrowed down, led me to these North Face Bridgeton lace-up boots.  My number one all time favorite type of boot is a lace up boot, so these had my attention right away.  My main requirement was something warm, and since I figured the brand knew all about making warm stuff, I went out on a limb and bought them, a size bigger than my normal 5.  (I will add that I was pleasantly surprised to find that these even came in a size 5.)

lace up warm boots

You get what you pay for when it comes to shoes, I am a big believer in that, and while these were a bit more than I initially expected to pay, I am happy with what I got.  They aren’t thickly lined, but they are lined and what they are lined with is enough to keep my feet very warm.  I can wear them with any type of sock, thick or thin because they are lace ups, and I am happy that they don’t feel very heavy.  The product info says they are waterproof, but I have yet to know that for sure.  I haven’t worn them in the wet weather yet.

North Face Bridgeton Boots

Overall, I’m very happy with what I bought.  They aren’t Docs, but so far I am liking them very much.  And it is absolutely wonderful to not have frozen toes.  I know these are gonna get me through many winters to come.

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