Before the Moths or Butterflies dress, there was this one.  My second to the last personal make of 2017, and I am calling it the Winter Tulip dress.  I think it’s my most favorite make of last year.

It’s another Marilyn and the fabric is this beautiful rayon from Cotton and Steel.  I had posted a fabric picture before of the other color way I wanted to get, but when it came time to order, I changed my mind and got the blue one instead.  I  splurged too and bought a whole five yards.  I have another dress cut out from the material just waiting to be sewn together.  I haven’t decided if I will add it to the Etsy shop once it’s done or keep it for myself.  It’s a different style, but I am a bit hesitant about selling it because it is rayon.  It will shrink some.

In fact, the fiber content scared me a little.  I’d wanted to get Cotton and Steel rayon before, but the care instructions say to dry clean.  I occasionally stalk the #cottonandsteel makes hashtag on Instagram and have come across a few ladies that have bought this and made something from it.  I asked one person how she washed it.  When she told me in cold water, I ordered mine right away.  I also ordered some rayon care tags for the dresses that I might sell from the left over fabric.  I didn’t wash the material before I made this one and it did shrink some.  My Red Pineapple dress is rayon and I find when I cool iron it, it stretches out a bit.  I didn’t have time to iron this dress because, look guys, there’s snow everywhere!  But even without an ironing, it fits alright.

My guy suggested I go take dress pictures in the snow.  I am a step ahead of you, I told him, cause that’s what I was already going to do.  I dressed up just for the pictures this day, but I have already worn the dress before this and absolutely love it!

I may or may not end up with two Winter Tulip dresses of my own, and I guess only time will tell.  I do also still want to get this print in the other color way.  Maybe I’ll end up with three tulip dresses.

Thanks for reading!

Outfit details:  Fabric – Cotton + Steel Magic Forest Tulips in Navy || Sweater – Clearance Kohl’s || Boots – North Face Bridgeton (blogged here) || Tights – fleece lined from Maurice’s

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11 Replies to “The Winter Tulip Dress”

  1. Found this post while searching for people using the Cotton & Steel rayon tulip fabric. Like you, I’m concerned about dry clean only, though I’m wondering if I can use wool wash as well the the shrinking of rayon challis. It’s been a few months since you made this dress, any updates on how well the fabric has held up and if it still fits? I’m debating buying some of this fabric for a dress.


    1. Hi! So glad you found me. I made this dress in a size medium and I am usually a size small. It shrank a little and how it looks in the pictures is after washing so still fits just fine. With a cool iron it presses out some and I am very happy with it. I wash it in cool water with my regular detergent, a mild free and clear brand, and then hang it to dry. I do pull on it a little to shape when it comes out of the wash.
      I bought the other color way and will probably do the same with my next make and go a size up. Hope that helps you. It is wonderful fabric!


  2. You look so adorable in that pretty blue floral dress and how you made it work for a snowy Wintery day. Like me you make the most out of your closet and Summer dresses. Well done!

    Welcome by and join my linkup this week. A new linkup goes live every Thursday! There is also a huge giveaway on the blog since I am celebrating an anniversary. Thanks, Ada. =)


  3. I knew you would make a beautiful dress out of this fabric! I really like your Lacy sweater you’re wearing with it too!!! Love the snowy background for your photos and looking forward to seeing what you make with the rest of this lovely fabric. 💙💙💙


    1. Thanks, Kathy! The one I am making now WILL have pockets. I just can’t stand it when they don’t and since I’ve learned how to make them, they are so easy. ❤


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