I’m doing things just a bit differently here for these weekly Friday posts.  I’m going to do them in more of a diary style, in case you didn’t notice from last week’s post.  Another thing that is different, I’m not calling them by the same old The Whatever Friday of This Year title that I have the last two years.  This way, I don’t feel bad when I don’t get them up on a Friday.  But, I am still shooting for Friday as the day to post these weekly round-ups of my life.  Hope they aren’t too boring for you all, or too long.  And if they are, they’re mostly for me anyway.  But really, haven’t you always wanted to read someone’s diary?  🙂

Saturday January 6th:

Ethan was still sick.  He and I stayed home today and didn’t do much at all.  Stephen went to Bible study without us and we stayed in pajamas and listened to a few books of the Bible read by Alexander Scourby on the Apple TV.  That was about the extent of today.  This evening, Ethan started to feel better and we all just hung out not doing much at all.  We did watch an episode of the new season of the Amazing Race.  But before that, the guys watched the end of the Titan’s game.  They won, what?!

Sunday, January 7th:

Stephen hunted for the last time this season.  It was cold, but warmer than it had been.  I met him out at the property when he was done, and caught up with my dad for a bit.  Came home and thought today would be a good day to go out and take pictures.  It was cold and cloudy, what a day!  No one wanted to come with me, so I ventured out to the State Park by myself.  Got a few nice pics, then came home to warm up and get ready for dinner.  Went to Jackson and had Longhorns.  It started to rain and now the weather is just how I’d expect it to be this time of the year.

Monday, January 8th:

I’m gonna start off by saying it was a pretty boring day.  I looked through sewing stuff, took some pictures for the blog, and spent most of the day working on the computer and editing photos.  Also, I got a head start on some blog posts for the week.  Cooked dinner and made it to the gym.  My guy is temporarily unmotivated for working out, so I pushed through the new year gym crowd and did weights by myself after HIIT class.  Stephen and I started a low carb diet today and I have my mind set to get back to where I was this time last year with my weight and body composition.  I can’t believe I’ve gained 15 pounds!  I finally stepped on the scale, I know some is muscle, but I can’t re-buy a wardrobe so I have to lose a little bit.  Here we go…

Tuesday, January 9th:

I started my winter cleaning.  It’s our last week of winter break and I am going through everything.  Today I also did a photography webinar.  I learned a few things and had I not already spent my spending money for this part of the month, I would have bought an online photography class.  I seriously thought about getting it even though.  Current photography goal: learn about white balance – just another thing to add to the free time to-do list.  Made it to the gym again, and so far the diet is going well – I feel great!  I really do feel good without the extra carbs.  Stephen, not so much.

Wednesday, January 10th:

Went to Jackson for a little bit of window-shopping with my boy.  I did spend most of my spending money already, but I did find some for clearance sweaters at the Gap.  Also, Ethan got a haircut, we ate lunch at Panera, and met several friends at Sky Zone, the trampoline park, so the children could jump.  It was nice catching up with my friends that I hadn’t seen in a couple of weeks.  Made it home just in time to get dinner sorted out and rush to my 5:15 gym class.  I’m feeling great, but wish I had more time today to do a few extras at the gym.  Ethan had class at gymnastics so we watched him and then it was home to call it a day.

Thursday, January 11th:

Even cleaned out my closet.  The to-get-rid-of pile.

Another day in clean mode.  I cleaned the whole living room, everything.  Even mopped under the rugs and moved all the music stuff.  Go me!  Also, I got the new photos into the new IKEA frames and pretty much have an idea where they will go as soon as we drag the ladder inside.  Made it to the gym and made something new for dinner, low-carb cheeseburger soup.  (I pinned it on the Low-Carb Recipes board.)  Made it to the gym.  It was 60 degrees and raining on my way.  Had to stop at Walmart on the way home and got drenched.  How do I not own a rain coat or enough umbrellas to keep in each vehicle?  Came home and settled in probably for the rest of the weekend as a snow storm is expected over night.

Friday, January 12th:

Woke up at 4:30 looked out the window, no snow.  Woke up at 6:30 looked on Facebook and saw the weather man showing wintry weather in the area and mentioned to Stephen he probably didn’t want to be driving on the roads today.  Slept for thirty more minutes, then got up to make coffee for my guy who was going to work from home.  Saw some ice with snow starting to land on top of it outside and breathed a sigh of relief that we didn’t have to go anywhere today.  Caught up online and then on to a normal Friday at home, with occasional breaks to take a few pictures of snow.  It was a nice day!  I love snow days when we can all stay home.  The day went fast though and here I am now catching up with my week.

Seven days in just under 1000 words.  Maybe you all preferred the way I used to write my weekly re-cap posts?  Any thoughts?  Did it snow where you are?  Please leave a comment as I’d love to have any and all feedback.  ❤

Have a great weekend, everyone.  I won’t be going anywhere probably until Sunday afternoon or Monday when the snow melts.

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