This weeks photography challenge theme is Color Harmony.  I had no idea what to do with this one.  It’s from the Composition Category which says,

Composition: Composition refers to the way the various elements in a scene are arranged within the frame. Challenges will focus on setting up the shot and developing our personal composition styles; styles which can become our trademark.

Pertaining to Color Harmony, it was suggested that we get out our color wheels.  Do opposites attract?  Can there be harmony with opposite colors?  These were just a few questions to help us with the project at hand.  I had to find a color wheel.  I had to look up a little bit more pertaining to this week’s theme as I was not sure what to do with it.  I had my eye out looking for color schemes all week.  You know what?  I couldn’t find anything.  I needed a bit of inspiration.  I googled a color wheel and then looked at some examples of color harmony in nature.  I learned about analogous colors and harmonious colors.  I think I had an idea now, but only a little bit of time left to complete the week’s project at hand, my whole surrounding landscape was white with snow and I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to be driving anywhere to look for photos to take anytime soon.  Then I saw it.  I was walking from my living room to the kitchen and outside the back door were beautiful colors decorating the almost night sky.  I went out with my camera and tried to get a few shots.

The color fade was perfect I thought.  Kind of subtle, and it looked really neat with the silhouetted trees and water tower in the background.  Maybe I wasn’t perfectly satisfied with this one though.  When I was out the next day looking for winter birds to take pictures of, the overgrown straw-colored weeds caught my eye.  What I was going for was the yellowish weeds standing out in front of the blueish sky background.

And my take two was this one,

Of the three, I like the middle picture the best.  This week was a bit hard for me.  And just to make things even harder, I have put my camera on manual mode for a whole two weeks.  I got the idea from that photo webinar I did last week.  This way it forces me to actually work with the settings on a more regular basis, just another thing to help me learn more about my camera.  I’ve had it for several years now, and still have plenty to figure out.  I think this challenge is helping.

What do you think of this week’s pictures?  Let me have it, good or bad, it will only help me get better.  🙂

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