And That Was Spring Break…

spring break bowling

Already, the week is gone.  Where this break of mine went, I don’t know.  I didn’t have time to do all that I wanted to, and I even still have some papers left to grade.  (I know what I will be doing this weekend… Who am I fooling?  Those won’t get done until first thing Monday.)  But even though it went by way too fast, I did have a wonderful week.  There was no sleeping in though, in fact I was up earlier than normal almost every single day, but not having all that school work made for several nice, leisurely mornings.  There were a couple of naps here and there so I can probably say I got a little more sleep than normal.

I ended up with a more relaxed gym schedule than I originally would have liked, but after a few days I was okay with this.  I had originally meant for the week to be all about extra workouts and more weights, but there were other things that ended up happening.  Such things as bowling, spending time with the boy’s cousins, and having little ones over.  Family and friends beat working out any day so I can’t complain one bit.  Plus, it was supposed to be a break after all.  I did get to sew and there is a new dress in my life.  Maybe I will even have one more finished before the rest of the weekend is over.

And lastly of the things that got done this week, we got rid of our old family car.  But not before letting the boy take her out for a drive.  It was his first time behind the wheel of a car, and I actually wasn’t nervous about this one bit.  It was even my idea.  Luckily, he has had some vehicle experience driving around our family property in a four wheeler so there was that to keep me at ease.  He did well, but now that Bonnie is gone, it will be a while before he gets to drive the new car.  And I haven’t decided yet if he will ever get a go at mine.  I’m kidding of course, because I think I would rather him learn to drive a stick shift in my Mini than in the old truck.

EJ driving

That is all from me for this week.  I’m off to town in a bit.  I have a little more free time before all that school work resumes next week, so maybe I can finish the week off with a little bit of shopping.  I’m once again gonna make a pattern sale at my local Joanne’s and I have a nice sized pattern list; I best be getting it in order because I can’t buy all of the patterns.

That was my week, how was yours?


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