Field Trips Aplenty

Science Museum fun

This school year has been full of field trips!  Here we are getting close to the end of it all, 8 1/2 more weeks to go, and we have already been on four.  This is a big thing for our little school group.  We put it up there on the priorities list this year compared to years past, and it has been great getting to spend the days out and about with such a wonderful group of children and friends.

Last month was trip number four, and we once again this school year found ourselves in Nashville for the day.  This time we went to the Adventure Science Center.  These kinds of places are lots of fun, plenty of hands on things to do, and even though we’ve all been before, it never disappoints to go again.

Science Museum planets

It is time for us to start thinking of our next group outing and this one is on me.  We set up a nice rotation this year so that every teacher would get her pick at a field trip and it is finally my turn.  When we planned all of this out last July, April seemed so far away, but here we are heading into it like July was only yesterday.  I am not very creative when it comes to deciding things like this, and I want to do something that everyone will enjoy, so I am going with the indoor trampoline park, even though we have done this one before.  Word is that it was the funnest field trip in a long time, and I have no problems making a small group of children very happy once again.

Science Museum boys

If I look into it, I can maybe even find a little something else to go with this day out.  I still have time, so let’s see what I can do…

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