The Thursday Thrift // March

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I thought today I would give this sweater a second chance.  I really like it – the colors, the design, and the button-up front – but I am not too keen on the fit.  I have featured this item before, way back when I first started with my Thursday Thrift posts, and that was the last time that it got worn.

As far as sweaters go, for this style, I like them a little more fitted.  I find this one to be a bit on the boxy side, but for some reason I just can’t part with it.  It is also hard for me to match this up with any of my dresses, which is what I most often wear sweaters with.  Obviously it goes well with black, but I just can’t quite get over the fit.

I guess I am still on the fence about it.  Since I like this print so much maybe an upcycle is in order.  I have come across some neat pins over on Pinterest about turning old sweaters into something new.  Perhaps a pair of boot socks… Something to think about.

And now for you, thrifters.  Any outfits you’ve come up with based around thrifty finds?  Let me know.

6 Replies to “The Thursday Thrift // March”

  1. Why couldn’t you try pinning some darts in it, putting the pins in as they were the sewing and see what it looks like with the change. It might feel better. Love the 3/4 sleeves


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