Friday, Already?

Another week gone and another Friday here.  Although, as I start writing this post up, it is late Thursday night – almost Friday, so close enough.  How was everyone’s week?  Mine was pretty nice.  I spent a lot of it at home, until Thursday that is.  I made another trip to Nashville this week, and this time for some fun stuff with the boy.  We have been very successful in the field trip department this year and made it on our fourth one, which is quite an accomplishment.  We spent the day at the Adventure Science Museum and then had some delicious Mellow Mushroom pizza afterwards.  I didn’t enjoy much more than a few bites of pizza, and the salad was a bit on the blah side, but the drink was great and the company more than made up for it.  So that was Thursday and probably the highlight of the week, so far.


It has been cold, but we did have two nice days: Tuesday and Wednesday.  Both of which found me outside for a bit.  On Tuesday, I ventured out into the backyard, beyond the fence, to take some blog photos of my newest me made.  I really would like to get off of that back deck and make it to one of my favorite blog photo spots at the lake down the road, but school work kept me close to the house this particular day.  I was happy with the little change of scenery.  Maybe next time I will make it somewhere else to take my pictures.


Wednesday was even better than Tuesday, weather wise.  I made it beyond the fence, once again, only this time to clean up around the yard some.  There is a lot of work out there and spring will be here before I know it, so I had better get started somewhere – right?  We got some new yard decor that day, which was a nice little surprise.  (My dad has helped a bit in the yard decor department.  He brought me another rock to add to my collection – obsidian from the Jemez mountains back in my homeland of New Mexico.  They sure are pretty!  I may be missing out on the flower gardens, but I’m adding to my rock garden nicely.)


Later this afternoon I will be headed out to the family property/vineyard to help plant some more grape vines, and several berries – black and blue.  The weather is supposed to get up into the mid 40’s.  Maybe not the best to be outside working, but much better than the coming week of low 30’s.  I am not looking forward to those temperatures at all.  So it will be another day mostly away from home.  All that laundry and cleaning here will just have to wait a couple more days.  Not a problem with me.

And that’s the low down from my neck of the woods.  How was your week?

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