And the Days Don’t Stop…


It’s a cold, but sunny, Friday morning over here in West Tennessee.  How is the weather looking where you are, this fine day?  I am gonna say it is a fine day because the sun in shining and the beautiful blue sky is clearly visible.  I could do without the 21 degree temperature that I woke up to, but it’s not raining or cloudy so I will take it.  I don’t mind the rain, usually, but when it rains here it seems to never end sometimes and the clouds can linger for days.  There doesn’t seem to be any rain on the radar and it looks to be a pretty nice weekend, so I am very happy about that.

It was a good week for me.  Another busy, go go go, kind of week, but I got a lot done.  A big accomplishment was keeping up with my grading of school work.  That is so time consuming and one of my least favorite things to do, but it has to be done and I am happy to have a little less of it to do today.

Big accomplishment number two from the week was finally finishing the quilting part of my quilt.  I had a foot left of the border to finish stitching and I have just been putting it off and putting it off.  The main reason for this was because my stencil lines were not gonna match up with where I started, and I kept hand drawing the lines out, but they looked off and I needed to fix them.  This week, I decided enough was enough.  I have half of the binding done, and had only inches left to go with the rest, so I told myself no new projects until this gets finished.  I’m machine stitching the rest of the binding this weekend, and throwing the thing in the washing machine before Sunday is done.  I will be so happy to finally have it lying out on my bed where it should be.  And I won’t feel guilty when I start my next dress project.


I spent a nice day in Nashville also this week.  It was mostly for groceries and to go to the dentist (no cavities, yay!), but my guy and I had a wonderful day out – complete with a delicious dinner at a nice restaurant that we’d been wanting to try for some time now.  I wanted to be that person that took pictures of our dinner, the restaurant atmosphere, the decor, and the neat looking signs and art work, but I didn’t.  I might be that person that takes way too many pictures of everything else, but I do try and hold back some when we are eating (unless we are on vacation), and especially when it is somewhere nice.  So here instead is a side view, mirror selfie of me as we were driving.


And speaking of taking way too many pictures of everyday randomness, I am now on to my fourth Instagram photo challenge.  Thanks to my lovely niece, I may just be doing these all year long.  Which, in fact, I kind of am.  There is the photo a week one that I started the beginning of January, and then there is this photo a day for a month one, that I’ve been doing monthly since November.  So, again, you can follow me over on Instagram to see more of those pictures throughout the week.  They’ll show up here too, from time to time, I am sure so non-Instagrammers need not worry.  (In fact a lot of the time I use them on these Friday posts.)

Well, that is about it from me.  I really should have something about my finished quilt for my Me Made Monday post, that is if everything goes as planned.  I might be helping to clean the garage this weekend – which might be something I am not looking forward to – and I might have to make myself start doing some yard work.  But getting that quilt done has to happen somewhere between those two things.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

4 Replies to “And the Days Don’t Stop…”

  1. Hi there, Erika! I started a baby quilt project yesterday (snowed in, so seemed like the perfect time) based on yours. All has been going swimmingly until I was about to cut out the border and I wondered how was this all going together! Every quilt I ever made has a binding. The scallops along the edge have me perplexed. Could you share how you did it?


    1. Hi. Sounds like a perfect way to pass the time being snowed in. With the scallops, we cut several semi circles and cut some interfacing to iron between the front and back layers. Sewed those along the curve. Then pinned them, right side of scallop to right side of quilt front. Then sew them onto the front layer of the quilt only at a 1/4 seam allowance from the edge and afterwards open the scallops out. After that, we folded in the back side of the quilt accordingly and machine stitched through all layers. This leaving only one stitching line along the edges of the quilt. You could also hand stitch here to not have a visible seam of course.
      I hope that my directions are easy to understand and can give you some idea of how to finish yours off. I bet it will look wonderful! Let me know how it comes out. 😊


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