The January Five


Friday, it took awhile to get here.  It was a long and busy week for me.  Lots of school, lots of gym time, lots of everything actually.  I made it through the week healthy as ever though, and I think it is safe to say that I won’t be getting this mess of a sickness that everyone around here has gotten.  I didn’t feel bad in the slightest at all this week.  As healthy as a horse, as they say.  (Do people really say that?  I think they do…)

This week I got to spend some time also catching up on blogging stuff.  I messed around with this one a bit, and as you can see, nothing has changed.  I found a new theme and I really liked it.  I changed things up, and even redid my header in the new size, just to have it look awful when I finally activated it.  For some reason, that I couldn’t figure out, my header was blurry.  I had my sizes and everything right, it looked perfect in Photoshop, but not so much on the internet.  I gave up messing with it and went back to what I knew was already working.  Maybe this weekend I will have some time to look into that.  Also pertaining to blogs, this week I got to read a few that I had been overlooking lately.  I guess you could say I had some free time as well.

Here we are, the end of January ALREADY!  I made it through the whole month and didn’t even do a Friday Five post, so why not make this one a January five?  Five wonderful things about January, in no particular order:

1.  Built in wifi on my new digital camera.  I’ve had my camera for a couple of months now, and I can’t believe it took me longer than a day to mess with this feature.  I can transfer photos from my camera to my phone or ipad in the click of a couple of buttons.  This feature is so cool!  I connect to it all of the time now, and I don’t have to wait to get to the home computer to see the pictures that I just took.  Ah, technology, you are pretty amazing.


2.  That tricky batch of blueberry muscadine wine is coming along fine.  I spent a good amount of time earlier in the month worried that I had my first major mess up in the wine department, but it all worked out, and the 3 gallons are clearing up pretty nicely now.  It smells so good and I can’t wait to try it.  I’ve got about four weeks left before I move on to the next stage, but I am not worried anymore about having it end up a failure.


3.  Gym time, for me and my boy.  I’ve mentioned it before, maybe even too many times before, but I am going to do it again.  Working out has been such a part of my daily life since December that of course it had to be on this list somewhere.  I haven’t had to talk myself into making the gym at all for the whole month.  Sometimes, the idea of working out is just that, a good idea that doesn’t get any follow through.  I have had no troubles this month at all getting myself there, and I even made it on a Friday.  It’s as if I am on autopilot come 430pm everyday.  I have worked myself up to two to three HITT classes a week, two dance aerobics classes, and one ballet class.  I am a little disappointed with my weight training this month, but I have a sore, slightly injured shoulder that I have been mindful of the last few weeks.  A little less weight work was probably a good thing.  Come next week though, I will be ready to get back at it full force.  Now, if only I could find a little more time.

As for my boy, he moved up in his gymnastics class this month.  This was something we could have done some time before, but it has happened now, and he is very happy with the change.  He’s also anxiously awaiting turning 14 so he can start going to work out with us.  We’re becoming a house of gym rats over here.  🙂


4.  Virtual baby showers, and online quilting sessions.  This is a thing, and for the last month my friends and I have been working up a storm making handmade baby gifts for some dear friends back in NM.  They had their baby last weekend, and our box of goodies made it there the day before.  In addition to working on this project remotely (those of us involved would skype each other while we were making our handmade items of love just so it would feel like we were all there together on the days that we weren’t), we even got to see the happy family open all of their presents with the help of technology.  It was so neat, and I am very happy for the new family of four.

group baby quilt
our group baby quilt

5.  Lastly, a new-to-me sewing machine, or specifically a serger.  This my Aunt sent me and it is very nice.  I haven’t messed with it much because I have not been sewing the last couple of weeks, but I have some material on its way and a new pattern to try out.  Hopefully I will put it to some good use this weekend.  I have a serger, but I don’t think it is near as nice as this one.

That’s it, five wonderful things that stuck out to me about the month.  I am sure it won’t be hard to have another five at the end of February.  I will try to not have any of them involve wine or the gym… but I can’t guarantee it.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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