No resolutions over here, but I do have news with which to start the new year.  A big thank you to those who reached out after my last post about my nose.  I will tell you all about that now.  I almost didn’t make myself go into the urgent care on Friday after all, but as I was sitting in the parking lot contemplating whether I should or not, and also wondering what kind of line was inside those doors, and what kind of sicknesses might be lurking in the place, I decided to go on in and find out for sure.

At first, it wasn’t what I wanted to hear.  The nice lady that ended up taking my x-rays was just done telling me how she was pretty good at knowing beforehand whether or not a nose was broken, took one look at my x-ray that had just showed up on the screen, and said, “Yup, your nose is broken.”

“Are you serious?”  Was my immediate reply, as I started to feel my eyes well up with tears.

“Well, one side x-ray looks like it might be, but the other side doesn’t,” was her reply.  Then she proceeded to tell me that she wasn’t the one who actually read the x-rays.  Someone else was going to look at them and tell me for sure.  So I went back to my waiting room and waited.  I was instantly googling to find out what would happen now, and also texting my guy to tell him, yup, my nose is broken.  I was pretty sad.

The doctor came in and gave me instant relief when she said my nose looked just fine.  Whew!  That other lady had no idea what she was taking about and shouldn’t have been telling me anything was what the Doc said.  We went on with the exam, and everything checked out just fine.  Soft tissue damage was the diagnosis and possibly a small concussion is what was causing the headaches all week.  I was relieved and that was pretty much my Friday.  Saturday, I had no headache at all; and yesterday, I was finally able to touch most of my nose without having any major pain.  Woo hoo, I am still thirty something years without a broken bone, that I know of.  (I say that I know of because, I just might have broken a toe, or two, five years ago but never got it checked to be sure.  I was weeks with taped up toes and limited movement.  Not to mention the awful bruising that half of my foot had for awhile after.)


So, moving along to other news from the weekend.  IKEA!!! Finally we made it to Memphis to check it out.  It wasn’t the main reason for the trip, however.  Some friends of mine just got a new house in Memphis – which just so happens to be eight minutes from the store – and we, along with several other friends, were helping them move and also trying to pull off a surprise welcome to your new house party while everyone was packing up and unloading.  The surprise was a success, they didn’t even expect it, and after eating and opening gifts there was still time to drop into IKEA and make our way through the store.

We’ve been to a couple before so we knew what to expect.  I had two things in mind: picture frames and fabric.  We didn’t stop to look at much: it was already late in the day at this point and I knew my guy was going out of his way to make me happy by stopping at the store to begin with.  He didn’t say one negative thing the whole time, and we even had to park across the street because the parking lot itself had no spots available.  The store has only been open for two weeks so there was still a lot of people.

I got the material I wanted; not a lot, but enough to make a bag, a shift dress, or several pillow covers.  We got a lamp, and lots of LED light bulbs, plus a couple of power strips and a couple of shelves.  I saw so much more that I wanted to bring home with me, but most of it will have to wait for another day.  We did come home with some inspiration though, and since my guy is home tomorrow and it’s supposed to rain so no hunting for him or my boy, we are going to rearrange our living room.  Our living room has not changed much since we first moved in back in 2007.  I am looking forward to it, but I also know it’s going to reveal a few decorating shortcomings that we’ve put off all this time.  Ah, it will just give me a reason to get to IKEA sooner…


And that is all I have to say today.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

2 Replies to “New Year, Same Me”

  1. Praise Jesus so happy your nose didn’t get broken!!! Happy you were able to pull off the surprise house warming party. Looking forward to your post about how you changed your living room. 🤓


    1. Thanks, Kathy! I am so happy too. I do have a bump now and I’m a little worried about that. Not worried enough to get it looked at, just hoping it doesn’t stick around forever. I always think the worst when it comes to personal injuries…
      Yes, the surprise was wonderful! How could they not have expected it? You know this group, any reason for a party! 🙂


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