This is it, the last Friday of the year and my 23rd intended for Friday post.  I could have had more of these posts, but there is always next year to try again.  This week, it had its ups and its downs.  Let’s start with the ups:


My blogging streak.  I am very happy about this one.  Four posts this week, which is pretty good compared to lately.  Although, they were mostly about dresses, but that is fine by me.  Those kinds of posts actually get me an okay amount of traffic, so considering the slump Rejoice for the Day has been in, any traffic is good traffic.

Nice sunny days: we had several.  However, we also had a few cloudy and rainy ones, and even one afternoon with a hail storm while I was out and about.  This didn’t affect me specifically, but it affected my guy who happens to work where said hail storm took place.  His car suffered because of it.  Looks like it’s back to the shop it goes for another weather related fix.  Not really an up, I know, but the sunny days were nice.

Jump street with the boy.  This was our last week of the semester and we ended up with not so much school work to do, so on Thursday when several of the students at my boy’s gym went we were able to make it as well.  The best thing about this trip, besides my boy having a blast, was that we got in for free.  It was a glitch on their part concerning cash paying customers, so they couldn’t accept our money and said it was on them.  I love it when things like that happen!  Also, I got to make another Costco run and even popped into Whole Foods while I was there.  I love Whole Foods, even if it’s just to walk around and smell the healthy atmosphere.

I worked on something other than dresses.  I had some time to cut out more pieces for a hexagon quilt that I am working on.  Last time I counted, I was at around 50 hexagons and it was a pretty good size.  Now I am just over 100 so I think I am done with the cutting.  I can now get to the piecing.  I am excited about this project.  It’s going to be three years of dressmaking manifest as a blanket.  I’ve got scraps from all my dresses in there.  Pretty sure there is something from all of them at least.

Now for the downs of the week, and there is only one since I mentioned the hail damage to my guys car above, my nose.  The swelling has finally gone down, and I will admit the bruising wasn’t that bad (arnica gel is pretty wonderful), but I can now feel a small bump on the bridge of my nose, which happens to be the part that hurts the most to touch.  Also, I’ve had a headache most of the week and it hurts to smile a lot and laugh.  Probably normal considering, but my plan is to get it looked at today and see if anything did get fractured/broken.  I am not looking forward to it.  I’ve made it thirty something years of my life without a broken bone, that I knew of, and I’m hoping for thirty something more…

And that is all I have for now.  Have a great week, everyone, I will be back next year. 🙂


4 Replies to “The 53rd Friday of 2016”

  1. Hexagon blanket?! Sounds exciting, it will be so precious for you to have littles of all your projects brought together like that – I hope putting it together goes well!


    1. Hi, Ginger! Good news, it is not broken. Just soft tissue damage that hurt quite a bit. I almost backed out of going to get it checked, but knew I would feel much better knowing for sure. Whew! Thanks for asking. 🙂


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