We Didn’t Just Show Up for the Coffee

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In all honesty, we came for the wall mural and the cup of coffee was just a bonus.

I found out about Three Brothers Coffee on Instagram a couple of months back.  I follow several Nashvillians over there, and it was the black and white wall that really got my attention.  I like coffee, sure, but I think I like wine better.  I’m definitely not a coffee connoisseur is what I’m saying, and I tend to like coffee less when it’s not at home with my favorite choice of creamer.

Anyway, I saw this place and thought it fit the wall mural type that I am on the search for, but felt a little guilty stopping by and not trying the coffee – I have read it’s pretty good.  Since my guy was not with us (someone has to make the money to pay for the gas to take me to the wall murals) I thought I would buy a bag of beans that we could try together later at home.  When I paid, the nice lady gave me a cup of coffee on the house.  There was that bonus!  I really did like the coffee, and it was a nice pick me up since this particular day started very early for us.  Nashville is almost a two hour drive and the real reason we went was for a 9 am appointment.  I was dragging; the coffee was just what I needed.

Ah, look at that, I match another wall.

And another wall mural ticked off the list.

My guy and I enjoyed a cup of freshly ground Three Brothers Coffee last Sunday morning from the bag I brought home, and I must say, it was even better than I remembered it from the week before.  I will be getting myself some more next time I’m in the area.  And maybe we’ll snap a few more pics next time as well.

Any real coffee connoisseurs out there?  What’s your favorite place?

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