It is kind of like I completely skipped over September here on the blog, isn’t it?  That’s okay, because I don’t like September near as much as I used to.  It used to be that it was my favorite month.  I have heard it been said that a person’s birth month tends to be their favorite month.  I can see that.  I don’t know if September was my favorite month for that reason (it’s been a long time since I’ve cared about getting older – how old am I again?), or for the reason of it becoming fall.



Either reason makes no matter, because all I am concerned about is the weather, and when it finally starts to look and feel like fall.  That doesn’t happen in September over here in West Tennessee, that happens in October – my new favorite month!  It’s finally happened, everyone!  Cooler nights, less humid feeling days, nights out on the back deck, and changing leaves are all here.  I am enjoying the season change and I have finally gotten to where I can sit down and enjoy it some.


You know how some say when you get back from a trip you need a vacation from your vacation?  In my case maybe not the vacation from vacation, ours was quite relaxing, but a vacation from the week back.  We came home to a broken water heater which meant no hot water for showering after the trip back.  No hot water to clean up those few dishes that were left in the sink the morning we left.  And no hot water to do any of the dirty laundry that came home with us.  It was cold showers for us and a day less to get back to our normal life after the trip.  I have pretty much been a day or two behind with everything until this last weekend.  We were able to get our water heater replaced very quickly thanks to some dear friends, and I even got out of cooking any dinner until Thursday of last week – those two things probably being the highlights of my week.  My friends and their dinner invites were very welcomed, and that Long Horn’s gift card I had stashed away in my wallet came in very handy last week as well.


So, everything is back to where it should be for this week: my boy’s school work is caught up, all the laundry is done, and the house is pretty clean.  Oh, and I’m cooking every night, the regular gym routine has returned, and I’m back to being tired.  Yup, things are back to normal.  We all had a great trip and I’ve got most of the posts written already, they are only waiting on the photos I need to crop and edit to go with them.  It shouldn’t take that long…

I’ll be back soon.  It does feel good to be back on the blog!

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