A happy Monday morning to you!  I’m giving you all a short break from my vacation posts today, and I am hoping that nobody is getting tired of them being all that I have been talking about lately.  I have about three left to go, so be warned, there will be a little more Florida talk over here on the blog this week.  For today though, just some randomness about what I have been up to lately.


So what’s been going on?  Oh, yes, muscadine season is officially over for me.  We had our first freeze this weekend, temps into the 20’s, so I am not expecting anything left on the vines to pick.  Although, I really thought the end of our season was last weekend, and still I managed to pick a few more while I was checking on things this last Friday.  I am calling it though, if there is anything left it will be minimal at this point.  This year’s total: there were just under 29 gallons that made it into the freezer.  It was a great season!  The second harvest for us, and I would say it was an unexpected success!  I will be making my last batch of wine from this year’s pickings sometime in the next couple of weeks.  Until then, I am finally getting back to my sewing machine.  I would have sooner if it weren’t for those grapes – which has been absolutely fine by me, might I add.


Yesterday, I reluctantly resumed my most recent sewing project.  I say reluctantly because I just wasn’t feeling like this was the dress I wanted to be making.  I hate to have unfinished projects though, so I went ahead and got to it.  Things picked up right away, I was changing my mind about how I felt once the bodice came together, then I got to the end, tried it on, and didn’t think it was me at all.  A bit of a bummer, but I am still needing to finish up the very last touches, it needs buttons that I don’t have.  I am not giving up on it yet though.  Next chance I make a trip to town, I am going to get those buttons, and I am going to make myself wear it, then I will decide if it’s a no or not

What else?  Hunting season.  Big game is on over here – part of my reason for sewing on Sunday’s now – and my guys think they have found the spot.  They had a few shots yesterday, nothing came home though, but they are excited.  In fact, I will probably be sitting in a deer stand a couple of days this week with my boy.  He’s off from some of his extracurricular activities and is already making afternoon plans.  I still really can’t believe this is a normal thing in my life now – caring about hunting season – but it keeps our freezer full, and it’s just adding to those family memories that we are making, so it’s great.

One more thing to mention for today, I am happy to say that my recent bout of blogger’s block is pretty much gone.  The remedy, vacation.  It was just what I needed to get myself refocused in all areas of my life, blogging included.  Plus, it gave me plenty to write about once I got back.  I have several post ideas sitting in my drafts folder as we speak.  Let’s just hope I keep managing my time well enough to get them done and posted.

Now, I should probably be getting to my day.  It is going to be a little busier than usual.  We have to make it to the orthodontist once more, and the boy’s computer is down so some of his work is gonna have to be done the old fashioned way, by hand.  This means a little more grading for me and a little more work for him.  It is all good though, the computer is still under warranty and is in the process of being sent off to be fixed.  Things happen.  I am looking forward to this week though.  It’s probably going to be a short one – I foresee a four day weekend ahead of me…

How about you, anything exciting planned?  I will be back, probably tomorrow, with more of that vacation talk.  I also have a few review posts planned, and my Thursday Thrift post is gonna be on time this month.  Until then, have a great Monday, everyone!

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