Tuesday, November 3:

We were up just a little bit later today than we were yesterday, but only by twenty minutes.  We still made it to breakfast before any kind of a crowd, and we still made it back to the theme park just as they were opening.  All is well!  It’s the Universal Islands of Adventure side today, and we are ready!

Universal Islands of Adventure

First thing we see when we get in though, is the dismantled Hulk ride.  What a disappointment, but then we already knew this ride was down before we came.  Still, it’s one of the best roller coasters, in my opinion, and I was a little sad to see it there missing parts of the track.  We will just have to make sure we make it back next year when it’s finished being redone, so that EJ can finally get his chance to ride it.

dismantled hulk

where we stand in florida

EJ's thoughts

Walking past that, and after taking a couple of pictures, (I had my iPhone and small camera with me today, so, yes, there will be way more pictures than yesterday) we were on the the Spiderman ride in no time.  Today was gonna be a lot like yesterday, we walked straight on to the ride, and then went back on for a second time right after.  It is great when there are no lines!

Dragon Challenge

What to do next… Nobody wanted to get wet – well maybe I did a little bit, because the river barge ride is so fun, but once I remembered the last time I got soaked and had to walk around in wet clothes all day, I changed my mind.  We skipped the water rides, walked through Jurassic Park, and went straight to the Dueling Dragons, or the Dragon Challenge as it is now called.  We rode them both, one right after the other, and I had my eyes open, the whole time!  The boy didn’t care too much to sit in the front so it was the very back row for us the first ride, which left all of us a little dizzy afterwards.  My guy said we were riding in the front for the next one, and after we got off the ride that time, EJ agreed that the front was the best place to be.  The two coasters didn’t meet up together, where you are headed straight-on towards the other right before you loop up, like it used to.  I know this because my eyes were open the whole time – what a ride anyway!

Dragon coasters

Now it was time for a break, and one of us needed a minute to shake the dizziness, so we headed back to Jurassic Park.  We did do the River Adventure and we didn’t get wet, yay!  I also did get out my selfie stick, and I did take some pictures, yay!  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a lot of good ones.  The sun was in the wrong spot, and maybe I got a few weird looks…

Why yes, that is a selfie stick I am holding as I walk through Jurassic Park.
Why, yes, that is a selfie stick I am holding as I walk through Jurassic Park.  (The looks these things bring out of people… myself included.)

Jurassic Park selfie

Once we got done at the Islands of Adventure side, we took the train over to the other Universal park and re-rode some of the rides we liked from the day before.  The train depot was kind of cool, it was as if we had arrived in London when we got over there.

Universal London 1

Universal London 2

By the time we got done with our re-rides, we had had our fill of the parks.  We were off to the room to change and get ready for dinner, and whatever else our night had in store.

The Whiskey

First, dinner at The Whiskey.  Stephen found this place online the week before we came, and we were very happy that he came across it.  It was small, just off of I-drive, and a lot less touristy than the other restaurants.  We got there early enough so it wan’t busy, and to make it even better the food and drinks were delicious!!

drinks at the whiskey

My drink of the night was an Old Fashioned, my favorite, and I loved how they sweetened it with a stick of rock candy.  We also had fried macaroni as an appetizer, you can see it in the background, but it was hard to make it last long enough for a proper photo.  Dinner was great!

Orlando Eye

When we were done eating, we made a quick stop at Whole Foods – which is also right by where we are staying – then from there we finally made our way to the Orlando Eye – we’d only walked past that ferris wheel every night so far.  Since I have so many photos for this alone, I am going to save writing about our evening on the Eye for another post.

vacation drinks 3

From here, we found ourselves at the Yard House, once again, but this time for dessert, and one more drink to end the night out.  I even got a picture of the dessert, but after hunting and hunting my iphone pics, I can’t find it anywhere.  Let me just tell you about it then: it was a big huge, freshly made brownie, that filled the entire plate.  And, there was a nice scoop of vanilla ice cream on top of it.  We ordered two – it was worth it.  And according to my guy’s watch, we walked a little less today, about 4-5 miles.  Not bad.

And that was day three.

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