Monday, November 2nd:

We got up bright and early this morning.  The fact that we are an hour ahead isn’t affecting us one bit.  The place we are staying serves complimentary breakfast, which is great.  Bonus, there is a made to order omelette bar.  We got our fill of food and coffee, so it was time to head to the theme park.

Universal Orlando

Universal Studios is where we were headed today.  We decided to do the studio side first.  The last time we were here we skipped this side of the park altogether, and the time before last the boy was too small to appreciate all that it had to offer.  This time, it was like a new park for us, kind of.  So many of the rides were different, and there were several that Stephen and I hadn’t even ridden before.  Every one of them was basically new to the boy.

Universal Orlando 2

It may look like there are lots of people in the background, but between the two parks, this shopping area, and all the restaurants, the crowds were dispersed pretty well.  The longest we had to wait in line for a ride was 40 minutes, and that was only for the newest ride at the park.  Everything else we pretty much just walked straight on.  This is why I love amusement parks in the fall and in the spring.  I can’t even believe we have waited hours for rides in times past.  Not anymore if we can help it.

Univeral studios

Several we rode twice.  I can’t get over how remarkable the effects are on these rides; they are pretty thrilling!  A couple of favorites from the day were the Transformers 3-D and the Rip Rocket.  We saved that one for last, and again walked right on to it.

Universal rides

Minimal crowds, nice weather (only slightly more humid that I would have liked), and overall a super fun day.

Universal us-selfie

We finished up with park one around 3:00, just in time for a really late lunch or very early dinner – the perfect time to eat when we are on vacation.  And, of course, our meal out for this day had to be Bubba Gump.  We have a thing for this place ever since our first trip to Hawaii – back in 2001.  We’ve visited every one we have been near to, several even more than once.  I don’t even know how many times we’ve been to the one on City Walk, but we enjoyed our meal, once again, and got the souvenir cups.

vacation drink 2

My drink of the day, a Lava Flow.  The boy had salmon, my guy and I split a fried seafood platter, and we all had the hush puppies.  Everything was delicious!

Orlando mini golf

This evening, after getting changed and relaxing a bit in the room, we walked down the road for ice cream, and then walked a little farther to play a game of mini golf.  Vacation mini-golf is so much fun, and the courses we’ve been to in Florida have all been really nice.

where the losers end up
where the losers end up
After this we spent some time at the hotel pool, relaxed a little bit more, and eventually called it a night. I had very much expected to find myself in the hotel gym a time or two, but so far, it hasn’t happened. Oh, well, all that walking is a workout enough.  My guy’s watch tracked eight miles this day.  Whew, what a day!

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