There’s Ice Out There…


How many posts about the weather have you read this week?  Well, here is mine.  It got cold on Sunday, and with that cold could have come snow, but instead there was freezing rain and ice.  I woke up Monday morning to a nice white covered yard, but once I stepped outside into it and felt that stinging feeling of rainy ice, I knew it was not gonna be a snowy, winter wonderland, but instead an icy dangerous mess.  It was a sleety day most of Monday and as pretty as it looks now, the icy landscape doesn’t make me happy one bit.

The only nice thing that has come of it is how neat everything looks glistening in the sun – which did come out yesterday.  The temperatures weren’t enough to make any difference as getting out of the house goes.  I am pretty much trapped.  I could leave, but I would rather not.  The driveway and road all look like a sheet of ice and honestly, I don’t know how my guy has made it out the last two days.  He just called me and I guess he almost didn’t make it out of the neighborhood today.  I would roll into the kudzu, I am sure.  My driving in inclement weather has come to an end thanks to a wreck on ice many years back.  I would just rather not risk it.  This  cabin fever is just gonna have to linger a few more days.  The thought of not being able to leave makes it much worse than it really is.


School goes on as normal for us despite everything outside.  We may not be meeting up with our school group, but there is nothing stopping us from doing it here.  No snow days for homeschoolers!  But we have taken more breaks than normal so the boy can go outside to eat ice, slide down the hill, and walk the dog.  We’ve had a couple of very long school days this week.

I wish I had some motivation to be crafty.  It would be a nice way to pass the time.  There has also been no working out this week, and I am not taking it well.  I settled on doing some pull ups here at the house yesterday and somehow managed to pull something in my neck.  I’ve never been able to do pull ups (until that one time I was doing P90X, but that was years ago), so imagine my surprise when I did one on the first try yesterday.  I only did one without help, and it was enough to strain something in my neck.  I feel it today.  I am thinking I should get the weights out and do something here at the house, but I am lacking motivation for that as well.  I haven’t gone more than a couple of days without working out since last November.  I need to do something, but nothing sounds good.

Ah, winter, you’ve got me.  My bad mood and I are ready for spring now.  Guess I will just keep myself busy online window shopping and doing laundry.  Maybe all of that clothes to put away will help give me an idea of something else to do…  Stay warm, everyone!

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