Back to Normal… Mostly

icy birdhouse

Last week was cold and way too icy for me.  I didn’t leave the house until Thursday and then more weather struck again on Friday.  After all of that ice on top of ice, the temperature raised just enough, and we got buckets of rain come Saturday.  Fields got flooded, mud was everywhere, and I have had enough of this winter as of Friday afternoon around 4:15 p.m.  Spring, where are you?  I am anxiously awaiting those beautiful soft petals of yellow and white to start showing themselves through the landscape of leaves and brown.  I am tired of this cold!

As I write this now, there is even more weather on its way from the south.  It is dry as can be here at my house, but a little more than 25 miles away, my friends are eating snow-cream and possibly contemplating how many snowballs they can make once the day breaks.  I am hoping nothing comes of it where I am, because then it would just be another reminder of how cold this winter has been.

Well, enough of that.  My mood was partly what has kept me away from the blog longer than usual.  I was worried I would spend the whole post complaining about the weather, so I haven’t been around.  Guess I didn’t stay away long enough, because that is what this post turned into; a nice big complaint.  Sorry, guys.  But my birdhouse looked pretty cool with icicles hanging off of it.  Hopefully soon there will be a mama bird and some eggs inside.

Well, I am off for the night.  I must go sort out my thrifted item for tomorrow’s post.  I had the whole month of February to come up with an outfit, and here I am waiting until the last minute.  I have a few things in mind, let’s just hope I am able to make it outside in the morning to get a couple of pictures.  Until then, stay warm, everyone.


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