The Thursday Thrift // February

thrifted fashion

Let’s just pretend it is Thursday, alright?  I had the busiest day that I have had in the last couple of weeks yesterday.  There was so much going on and my time at home was very scarce; therefore, I have a belated Thursday Thrift post for you all today, Friday.

So how is everyone doing?  Has it gotten any warmer where you are?  Not really over here.  Today is very windy and cold, but sunny.  I think I would take a cloudy, warmer day at this point though.  So yesterday, Thursday, when I wore my thrifty item of the month, it was cold too.  I picked the brown velvet skirt that you see because: (1) It is velvet, and what better time to wear velvet than on a cold winter day, and (2) I didn’t think that it had been on the blog before, except for maybe a Skirtember round-up post.

I kept warm with layers on top, and thick warm tights.  I threw on my warmest pair of boots and I was all set to make my way out and about.  I don’t wear this skirt very much at all.  In fact, lately, I haven’t even been wearing skirts!  My outfits have mostly been dresses these days – or an occasional pair of jeans when I have something outside to do – so it was a nice change to be wearing something a little different.  I did notice a few spots on the skirt that will need a quick repair after having worn it.  Some of the back lace stitching has come off and one of the front sequined threads pulled as I was leaving the house.  But still, it is a pretty skirt and I will get more wear out of it yet.  It was one that remained after my closet clean out last week.  Not sure when it will get worn again, but it’s sticking around.

How about you, do you have any particular, thrifted outfit post on your blog from the month?  Leave me a comment or a link, and I will gladly check it out.  Now, on with March!  Hopefully I will have something more spring-like to show next time.  Until then, happy thrifting!


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