Another End of Another Week


This week was wonderful compared to the last.  One advantage of having a small school, co-op group is that we can pretty much set our schedule, and we do.  So when things come up, this schedule is very easily modified, which is what we did this week.  We gave ourselves one more week of break and I couldn’t have been happier about it.  I was really stressing last week about how and what we were going to do with this one, my boy having no way to hold his pencil and me having no extra time to be teaching and writing his work out for him.  Thankfully, that issue was a non-issue.  By the time we get back  to work, his writing should be back to normal; although, probably just a bit more sloppy than I would like.  I think I can live with that for a few weeks.

In the morning we’re off to the city to get his stitches out.  I am happy they are coming out, but I am not happy with the potentially long morning this may end up being.  In fact, it just may end up being a long day.  I have plenty of running around and about half of a day’s work to get done at home.  But, let me not get to ahead of myself, for now.  I am just gonna sit here typing away on the computer, while leisurely sipping on a drink.  It is late Thursday night as I write this, so my frantic Friday is not here yet.  I am planning on enjoying every last bit of this evening.

I am going to say it again, this week was a great one.  I can’t remember the last time I slept in while on break.  I didn’t even do that during the summer, what was wrong with me?  I am finally caught up on rest, for the time being anyway.  And with an upcoming vacation, I should be wide eyed even longer.  It is a great feeling not to be so tired or overwhelmed.

Besides sleeping in a couple of days, I did do a few other things.  I got that dress made just like I wanted, and I even got to the final stages of my quilt.  I am working on the binding now and once I finish up with a few of the mistakes I came across, it will finally be all done.  I know this should have been done months ago, and probably would have but my group of friends gets visitors form time to time, and we have had several lately.  We have been spending our weekly designated quilting time on crafting of different sorts.  I have a nice new handmade bracelet, and almost have a couple of new potholders.  (I can sew dresses just fine, but when it comes to the easy stuff, I don’t always do so well.  How is that?)


Anyway, that is all that I have to write about for now.  I know it wasn’t much of anything, but I am happy that the week was slow and I still have a bit of time before tomorrow.  Before the relaxing can begin though, I have a little bit more laundry to put away.  Responsibilities first, right?

I’ll be back next week, and I am already working on my Thursday thrift post, so no excuses this time.  Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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