Unfinished Business

AugustDressIt is getting close to the time of the year that I find myself with some extra free time on Sundays.  This weekend I had a small sample of what my Sundays are soon to be like, so I spent my time alone sewing.  It was Sunday, the first of September, and I made my dress for August.  Yes, I procrastinated some on that project didn’t I?  It is okay, I got it done and if you really wanna hear about procrastinating, let me tell you that I bought the material and cut out the pattern two summers ago.  I hadn’t put a single thread to it until this weekend, how bad was that?

You can say I was inspired.  Thanks to Me-Made-May, I have come across some pretty great sewing blogs and let me tell you, I am absolutely inspired!  One day a couple of weeks ago I was reading one of these new blogs that I have come across, and there were some words about finishing what you start.  I am guilty of starting so many things when it comes to sewing, then tossing them aside for whatever reason: not the right thread, don’t like the material, too hard, don’t understand the instructions and so on.  Rather than start a completely different project for my August dress, I decided to get to one of the unfinished projects.  Needless to say, I am glad I did.  My dress came out looking like the picture, it fits well, and it only took me about four hours total, not bad if I may say so.

I was very worried that I had cut out the wrong size, because, well, I did cut out the wrong size.  But since most patterns call for a pretty big seam allowance, it actually ended up perfect!  I don’t know if accidentally, on purpose will ever happen again for me when it comes to sewing another dress in the future, and I am not so sure I want to try and see.

So here you go, my dress for August, completely made the first weekend in September!  I will be starting September’s dress any day now, no really…

AugustDress2| DressStitch ‘n Save M5607 by McCall’s | Shirt – H&M |Shoes– Route 66 | Necklace – handmade |

And since it is Skirtember, I won’t be wearing my new dress out any time soon.  But that is alright with me, I am perfectly able to accessorize this dress with seasonal appropriate additions – fall weather, I can’t wait!

6 Replies to “Unfinished Business”

  1. looks great! When I first started sewing I was so confused about what size to cut out….My first pattern, I cut out a 6 because that was closest to the size I wear in RTW….it was TINY. So then i went and looked at the recommended sizing and cut out a 14…yeah, it was HUGE.

    What I typically do now is take a piece of clothing that fits me well and measure it to the pattern pieces to see which size coordinates the best to the already made clothing(taking seam allowances into accordance of course). Then, if it’s a new pattern I’ve never made before, I’ll make a muslin of the bodice just to guarantee that it fits properly.


    1. From what I have been reading, I really need to start with a muslin for any new projects. I am gonna go the extra step with the next dress I want to make. In the end, it will be worth it. Thanks for your comment! 🙂


  2. I really like the floral pattern and style of this dress. Great job Erika! You are inspiring me I may start sewing again.Have fun with your September dress looking forward to seeing it. 🙂


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