A Dress Decision

It is now almost two weeks into August and I have yet to pick out my next dress to sew.  By this time last month I was almost already done, and I had made two dresses, really a big accomplishment.  Now, I am undecided as to which to make and I have two that I am thinking of.  The first one is just like a dress that I recently bought, but returned because it didn’t fit right since I made the silly mistake of not trying it on at the store.  It is also a pattern that I have made before so I know it is easy and that I can make it.

The second one is from a pattern that I bought last year and have yet to make.  I think if I go with this second one I will need to do a first draft on some practice material before I cut into the good stuff.  It looks like it might require a bit of precision, and I will probably make a few mistakes.

I have to decide soon because I am anxious to get started and I have only one week left before school starts.  I also checked out my material stash and it is a lot smaller than I remembered it was.  I guess I have been using it up, and I am not a material hoarder after all!  I spent way too long browsing the material store last weekend and I came home empty handed, had I known I was running so low I would have bought something.

In the mean time, I got the zipper on the other dress I made for last month.  This was the practice one and I liked the way it came out better than the one it was the practice for.  It doesn’t require the ironing that the other does and it is a lot smoother, plus I like the feel of it more because the material isn’t as thick.  I am not too sure about the color, but from what I read, light colors are all the thing in fashion right now, specifically pastels for this fall.  I suppose I will fit right in!


Hopefully, I will soon have another new dress added to my wardrobe for the month of August.  I better get at it then, the days don’t seem to be slowing down any.

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