Skirts and Shoes, Again!

skirt collectionIt is only a mere six days away from the wonderful month of September! That also means, only six days away from my second annual Skirts of September, also known as Skirtember. I know I am not the first person to come up with this crazy idea to wear only skirts for a whole month, but I did enjoy doing it last year, so I am gonna give it another go.

Nothing really changes this time around. (I am making the rules up totally on my own, by the way.) So once again, no repeats and I will wear a skirt a day for the month of September (changing for yard work, walking in the woods, or the gym is totally acceptable). Crazy thing is, I just may be able to not repeat any from last year, not promising I won’t though, but I sure am gonna try. I will post my weekly round up of what I wore on Sundays, that means I am just gonna have to prepare myself for another photo a day! That may have been the hardest thing about doing this the last time, taking an outfit photo every single day for a whole month. At least my 365 project will be covered during that time. (Yes, I am still snapping a daily photo of whatever; I am already at day 211/365. I can’t believe I have kept up with it!)

And on another challenging note, the Shoeperwoman has made the call for another shoe challenge, and I am totally in, for the third timeI won’t wear the shoes I have otherwise it would seem. Don’t worry, I won’t bore you all with the details of my shoes this time around, but I will be doing some kind of post now and then for proof of me wearing them and so that I can link up over at How convenient, this also starts September the first!

So skirts and shoes starting in September! Are you in? for the shoe challenge, and if you would also like to try and wear a skirt a day for the month, let me know. Feel free to leave me a link on my round-up posts if you have any blog posts you would like to share. Can’t wait for Skirtember and to start saving shoes!

4 Replies to “Skirts and Shoes, Again!”

  1. Whoo hoo looking forward to the pictures!!! Have fun with your shoe challenge I don’t own enough pairs to take part in it. Not much of a shoe shopper. πŸ™‚


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