What Fourteen Weeks of Summer Look Like

Way back in May (right now it seems like it was ages ago), I counted out my summer and found that I had fourteen weeks, yes, FOURTEEN whole weeks of summer vacation.  Where the time all went beats me, it was probably the longest and shortest summer yet.  How was that even possible?  The longest and the shortest?  Well, the longest because summer break started a few weeks earlier than it ever has thanks to skipping spring break and taking only one week off for winter break.  And then it was the shortest because, well, because it is now over and it definitely seemed like it flew by.

Besides Nashville, we didn’t go anywhere.  We don’t usually go on trips during the summer so really, no loss there.  We did however spend more time at the pool than I think we ever have before.  We did lots this summer and since it is all over, school for us started this week, here is a little bit of what my summer looked like, non-Instagram style:


ConeFlowerResizeFlowers!  I ended up having some that grew again this year.  However, I should have planned ahead with my planting because early summer was the time for flowers in my yard.  Now, there isn’t really anything growing other than weeds.

SwimmingWe swam a lot, I know I already said this.  Also, I take pictures a lot.  This was my 10,000 photograph taken on this camera.  My counter has started over again.  Not the best shot, but a great way to capture the boy and his twelfth summer, confidently swimming and diving in twelve feet of water.

Found on a hikePlenty of hikes and something neat along the way.  I am gonna say it is a drinking fountain, not from pioneer times.

Best blueberriers yetMy fifth summer with blueberries, and the best one yet!

Not a PicassoPerhaps my thumbs are getting slightly green with gardening, but when it comes to painting, I found out I am no Picasso.  Wait, all that green on my thumbs might just be smeared paint!

GeesePlenty of wildlife, most of which was admired from afar.

A short driveA week just isn’t a week without at least one short drive.

Summer projectsAnd lastly, a good part of my summer was spent at my sewing machine, from quilting to dress making.  And I can even say I learned a few things!

There you go, my summer in pictures.  I hope you all enjoy what is left of your summer (there still is about a month according to the calendar!).

One more thing on a different subject completely, my last post was a submission for a Lucky Community Challenge.  I know I probably won’t win, I am not much of a beauty blogger, but maybe you might like to stop on over here and give me your vote. Many thanks in advance if you do!  (The contest ends on September 19th.  Shameless self promotion, I know.)

10 Replies to “What Fourteen Weeks of Summer Look Like”

  1. Lovely photos and the blueberries look fabulous – did you grow them yourself? I’ve never grown blueberries but you’ve just reminded me that they’re on my wish list for the garden, must get onto that soon.


    1. Thanks! The purple flower is called a liatris and I really like it because it just keeps coming back every summer. The flowers that require the least amount of work are the best in my opinion!


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