Summer Simplicity

Ah, summertime, when the weather is hot and the days are long.  When the afternoons are spent by the pool, and the evenings are enjoyed out on the deck.  It sure is summer over here in West Tennessee, and as wonderful and relaxing as summertime sounds, some days are just too hot to even make it outdoors past eleven.  Last Wednesday was one such day.  I made sure that all of my watering and outside stuff was taken care of before the ten o’clock hour had passed, because it was that hot.

During the heat of the day, inside, enjoying the fresh and cool air-conditioned atmosphere, I found myself in the sewing room with some new fabric, a new pattern, and a few hours to kill.  Much more enjoyable than being outside, sweating profusely while trying to keep from overheating in the hot noonday sun.  However, summertime was not far from my thoughts this day, as the project at hand was something for a hot day; a simple style maxi-skirt, in a perfect-for-a-hot-day, lightweight knit.  I told you all I wasn’t done with sewing, remember.  😉

geometric maxi skirt

handmade maxi skirt

This skirt, from the Simplicity 1367 pattern, was easy enough.  In fact, cutting the tissue paper and the material probably took longer than actually making the skirt.  Attaching the yoke to the skirt was the only thing that was a little tricky.  I had to really stretch the yoke to match everything up right and initially, my basting stitch kept me from doing this.  I seam ripped a bit and then tried again.  Got it!

At first, I thought the yoke was huge, but then I realized it was the fold over type, so everything was back to being all good.  The most time consuming part of the project was the measuring and marking that I did from the yoke seam to the bottom before I hemmed it.  One side was a little longer than the other when I first tried it on and I didn’t want to have a lopsided hem with this skirt.  The pattern direction of the fabric also made things look a little off, so it was smart to double check.

All in all, not too bad for working with a knit fabric.  I have read my fair share of mishaps with this particular kind of material, and years back when I did try and make things out of knit, I was too ignorant to even realize the stretch was what was causing my problems.  I am much more knowledgeable lately with this kind of thing, and it makes it all the more easier.  And I still have yet to learn about all of those adjustments on my sewing machine.  I am a work in progress for sure.  🙂

And for the time being, I am gonna dedicate Mondays over here on the blog to my Me-Mades.  So, hopefully, by declaring this to the whole wide internet world, I didn’t  just guarantee that something will come up and I won’t have anything sewing related to post this time next week…  Check back next Monday to know for sure.

summertime style


Shirt – Derek Heart || Skirt pattern – Simplicity 1367 || Material- || Shoes – no label || Necklace – Kohl’s

Thanks for reading!

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2 Replies to “Summer Simplicity”

  1. My cutting area is too small for such a long skirt. I made the shorts from 1367, though. You look great, so maybe I’ll get on the floor and cut this cute maxi skirt. Good job~~


    1. You should! It is an easy skirt and I bet it will look great on you. I saw your shorts, a perfect pair for the gym and lounging around. I am gonna try and make those also. 🙂


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