Hello, Friday! How About a High Five?

And hello, readers, how is this Friday going for you?  For me, well it technically isn’t Friday as I’m starting to write this post up, it’s still a few hours away actually, but I thought I would get a little bit of a head start with my high five for this week.  When you all get to reading about them though, it will more than likely be bright and early Friday morning.

This week, it isn’t gonna be hard at all to come with with a list of five things worth mentioning, and let me start out with something pertaining to the blog:

Do Tell Tuesday on Diane's Vintage Zest!

1.  Yup, I had one of the featured posts of the week over on one of the link parties I regularly visit, Do Tell TuesdayThis was exciting enough, but then I was made aware of the fact that my link was the most viewed of the week!  I was very surprised by this, and a big thank you to everyone who stopped on by to see what last month’s dress was all about.

TN beach

2.  This week there was swimming, and even better?  Getting to do that with some of my best-est friends.  Maybe for me, it’s not the actual swimming part that is the most fun, but getting to hang out with some wonderful ladies, and enjoying the time watching our little ones – and not so little ones – have so much fun.  I can’t forget to also include an afternoon that was spent under the shaggy beach umbrella.


3.  Also this week, I had a semi-cleaned house and some time to sew.  If I am not mistaken, this one has made my list before – the time to sew part, not the having a semi-cleaned house part.  I’ve noticed now that it is summer, my house is messier than usual.  I realized the other day, probably that has something to do with the fact that we are home much more often than normal and  is more than likely the main reason.  Yes, it IS the main reason because we have not suddenly become slobs, (at least I hope not).  So on Wednesday when half the house was clean, I excused myself to the sewing/computer room to make something before I had to start thinking about the other half of the house that still needed to be done.  Here I am, late Thursday night, and that half of the house still looks about the same.  Ah, it’s summer, so what if it’s a little messier than usual…  But I have a new skirt!

4.  Learning about oils.  I got an invitation from one of my friends to attend a Do Terra essential oil class, and I gladly went.  I have been doing some of my own reading here and there on essential oils, and this was a nice boost to what little bit I already knew.  I have always spent my time with this particular part of my life learning about herbs and nutrition, but to have some knowledge about essential oils is a nice little bonus.

5.  And lastly, even though this is something I mentioned earlier in the week, we’ll soon be in vacation mode because a beach trip was booked.  I can’t wait!  Pensacola Beach, you look beautiful!

Pensacola beach pier
Photo Source

Well, that was the best of my week.  Anything wonderful happening with you?  What is your favorite summertime activity?  How about summer destinations, were is the best place you’ve been?

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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