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The Weeks of Florida and Debt Free

Good morning!  I’m back and feeling particularly motivated for a Monday morning.  How has everyone been?  I’ve been here, behind the scenes, keeping as busy as ever.  I’ve avoided the blog, I know, but I am back to catch up on my month so far.  Let’s see if […]

The 47th Friday of 2017

Getting going on a Monday is sometimes hard enough, but let me tell you, it’s even harder after a long weekend away.  We had the chance to spend the end of last week on the beach, and it was wonderful.  The perfect mini vacation at just the right […]

Four Days in Pensacola

Aren’t vacations the best?  I have never considered weekends away as vacations, more like mini breaks, but it’s a little different when the weekend away is a whole four days, and the destination is not Albuquerque or Nashville.  (Although now, I’ve lived away from Albuquerque long enough that […]

From Beach Vacations Past…

I’m in the mood for the beach.  Good thing because hopefully it won’t be long before I will be slathering on the sunscreen and heading down the road to the enjoy the white, sandy beaches of the Florida coast. I am taking a few moments out of my […]