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From Beach Vacations Past…

The beach

I’m in the mood for the beach.  Good thing because hopefully it won’t be long before I will be slathering on the sunscreen and heading down the road to the enjoy the white, sandy beaches of the Florida coast.

I am taking a few moments out of my vacation planning today, a few days before I hit the beach, to look back on some of my seaside trips from years before – there have been quite a few of them.  Even though I don’t think I could ever consider myself a beach bum, (unless of course I lived in Hawaii) there have been plenty of beach bum moments over the last several years.  Some of the very best vacations that I have ever been on have involved the sand between my toes and two of my most favorite people – these guys:

Cancun beach vacation
Cancun, Mexico 2006

We have had some pretty amazing beach vacations in our thirteen years as a party of three,

Us Kaanapali Beach
First vacation in Hawaii, 2001
Maui, 2004
Maui, 2004
Kauai, 2005
Florida, 2011
Florida, 2011
Maui, 2003
Maui, 2003
Florida, 2009
Florida, 2009
Daytona Beach, FL 2006
Daytona Beach, FL 2006

and I think we are long over due for a new beach side family picture – only this time without the sunglasses.  🙂

Here’s to a great weekend!

*PS – I had every intention on doing my regularly scheduled Thursday Thrift post today, but ran into a bit of car trouble and had no time left for outfit photos.  I will be back to my normal Thursday Thrifting self as scheduled for the next time.  If there are any link ups for today though, please stop by here and feel free to leave a comment if you have something thrifted today on your blog.  I’d still love to check it out.  Thanks.

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