The Red Pineapple Dress

handmade retro style dress

I really don’t know how I managed to make a dress last week.  It was the busiest week of my summer yet and it seemed like the only things that I did were go to the state park, swim, and work out.  Where these little bits of time to sew came from, I don’t know, but they were there cause I now have a new dress.

I started this project last Sunday, that I remember.  I did just a little bit each day and it was usually in the evenings while my guy and the boy were doing daddy son stuff.  It took me all week to complete, and that was fine by me.  I used to think a project started had to be done that very same day – live and learn, and it seems I finally did learn that taking it slow causes less mistakes.

My green pineapple material has been one of my favorites of late, and I walked passed both that green and the red version many, many times before finally deciding on the green that ended up on the blog last November.  It was a hard decision to make at the time, and I, without hesitation, snatched up the red a few months ago when I saw it was still around.  I could find something to make out of it.  So a Red Pineapple dress it finally became.

Sew Serendipity

This is another version of The Monique Dress I made for last month.  I have several strips of black and white material from my quilt leftovers, and I kind of liked the way the polka dots looked against the fabric pattern.  I did have to get a second opinion from my quilting, super-star of a friend, and once I got her okay, I immediately dived into this dress.  I did have a few things come up this time around, so it was not the ‘everything is awesome‘ dress part 2.  The mishaps had nothing to do with me, but rather everything to do with the material.  Well, except I may have switched my back and front interfacing pieces without knowing it, but I am just gonna blame the material.  It is a rayon and while rayon may flow and drape very nicely, it can be a pain to sew.  I noticed this time while making the dress, that there was no stay-stitching called for, and after trying and trying to get my facings lined up correctly, I decided to try a stay-stitch and see if it would help.  It did, but there was still some work to do around the arms and neck even after that.

retro style
Even the zipper ended up alright, and that pineapple in the middle lined up without any work on my part – purely by accident.

In the end, it looks good enough.  Maybe not as good as my first Monique dress, but still I will wear it, and hey, it’s a red pineapple dress y’all!  (I live in Tennessee, so I can say y’all if I want to, right?)  I am totally ordering a tropical drink on vacation when I wear this dress next.  Because pineapple drinks are the best, aren’t they?  Also, I am hoping for some sun when I wear the dress next time.  It was a very dreary morning when these pics were taken and this dress should be worn with some sunshine, don’t ya think?  😉

 *Details:  Dress – Sew Serendipity, The Monique Dress || Shoes – Doc Martens

Me, circa 2003, with my one and only pineapple drink.
Me circa 2003 with my one and only pineapple drink.

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