Trends // Black and White

Have I mentioned I like the color combination of black and white?  Oh, I have, and perhaps a few times too many.  Well, I am going to mention it again, I love black and white, especially when paired together.  The classic color block, although, some may disagree to black and white being actual colors, but for me, they most definitely are!

Not really being one that follows trends, most of the time, this season’s trend of black and white has caught my attention.  Now I can add even more two-toned looks to my already full wardrobe!  So I have been browsing some styles and here are a few that I have found that I really like, and wouldn’t mind adding to my own collection.  Because, some people collect coins, stamps, and very rare thingamabobs; me, I collect clothes!  (There is a difference between collecting and hoarding, right?)

What styles are you liking this fall?

CityBlisblackandwhiteCasual stripes

20130927031342_2392_458u8rk_498_718_resizeda little nicer than everyday

20130914152148_2392_rxribc0_498_661_resizedOne of my favorites and I probably would wear it everyday

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**Disclosure: I am a affiliate which means I may be compensated for any purchases made from following the above links.  However, all opinions are my own and I would only recommend items that I would purchase myself.

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